Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Lure Coursing

Well, almost wordless. We went lure coursing on Sunday afternoon. This is the only half-way decent picture I got of Koira. Pallo stayed home again, as he did from the DaVinci Days disc dog.

Canon 3715

Unfortunately, Koira was the first run of the day (I always get the worst pictures of the first dog or two). And, she cut her foot open on something in the field during this run and pulled up lame. She's healing fine, but is taking the week off and I, once again, have a lack of pictures of her lure coursing. Normally the dogs each run 2-3 times, so I have a chance for plenty of pictures.

In other news, enjoy the pictures.

Canon 3817

Canon 3803

Canon 3791

Canon 3780

Canon 3777

Canon 3739

Canon 3738

Canon 3735

Canon 3729


  1. I am so jealous... it looks so fun! There is lure coursing in my area but only for purebred sighthounds. Hope Koira feels better soon!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I am a new follower and saw you on the WW blog hop. Mah new sisfur Rama said you are a good furiend to have! Stop by and return the follow, k?

  3. What's the last dog's breed? Is it a Silken Windhound? Gorgeous nonetheless!

  4. Hey Koira, Hey Pallo, Jet here.

    Pallo, sorry you did not attend, the event looks cool. Koira, glad to hear you will be ok. Sending Jetty kisses for a swift recovery.

    We give you extreme accolades (vocab builder) on your shots today. Wowee wow, wow, Koira looks like she was photoshopped into the pic or she was levitated! We especially like the one with the white poodle. Wish you could teach Mom...

  5. Great shots! It looks like the Mal was having the most fun!

    Hope Koira's foot heals quickly. That's sucky she got cut on something.

  6. Oh wow! Cool photos! Found you on blog hop!

    ~Stinky Kisses, Mason

  7. Oh oh! Let me see if I can name the breeds.
    1. Pharaoh Hound?
    2. Belgian Malinois
    3. Portuguese Water Dog?
    4. Greyhound
    5. Belgian Malinois
    6. Poodle
    7. Borzoi?
    Nola's Mom

  8. Those dogs are definitely on the chase! I think Gretel runs that fast :)

  9. Aw, I hope her paw continues to heal up nicely and quickly!

    Fantastic photos! Love them! :D

  10. ALL of those pictures are grand! I love it when you catch 'em with nary a paw on the ground.

  11. Ahh! Poor Koira. Hoping she gets better quick; two downed dogs is zero fun for you.

    I love the grass in that first picture, though, she's going so fast she ripped it up!

  12. Those are some cool pics! Looks like everyone has some real speed! Love the first one...doing a full superman!

    Happy Wednesday!

  13. so sorry she cut her paw but what awesome pictures!!

  14. Sending get well wishes to both pups. Great pictures!

  15. Wow, awesome pics you have there! :)

  16. Oh wow, great shots! It's too bad you didn't get more of Koira, I love how you captured her in full flight, but the rest are incredible!

  17. This is something I NEED to do with Herbie.

  18. Very cool! You know Koira is the best looking, right? ;)

  19. Ahhhh! Pictures are awesome. Of course they're running lure coursing classes at my training club now that my dog is broken :(