Sunday, July 22, 2012

Entering the Fair

I'm debating entering some of my photos into the local fair this year. Mostly, it would be for the thrill of seeing my photography displayed publicly. A little part of me thinks I may even be able to sneak away with a prize or two.

But, I need opinions from you, faithful readers. You are probably the most familiar with my work.

The fair has thirteen lots. You can enter once per lot, in one of three classes. The classes are color, black and white, and groupings. I am almost thinking that groupings is the way to go if I want prizes. My guess is that way fewer people enter the groupings class.

Here are the lots, with the photos I am thinking of entering in that lot grouped with them (some photos may work in more than one lot, but entries are limited to one photo per lot per person, so I am trying to get the best photos into the lots that work the best for them).

1.  Landscape
139. "Leading Lines" - Take a photo with some kind of leading lines today. They can be natural or created. - last day Mar 24

2.  Seascape/Coastline

3.  Sunrise/Sunset
Pallo sillhouette
Three silhouettes
Pallo sun

4.  Waterscape (i.e. rivers, lakes, raindrops, waterfalls, etc.)

5.  Flowers/Plants

6.  Animals
121. "Leap Day" - It only happens every four years! Let's see your dog leaping or otherwise celebrating Leap Day in some way. Feel free to interpret it as you like! - last day Mar 6
Pallo brick drool

7.  Architecture

8.  Portraits and People
Portrait, Action, or Around Benton County

9.   Action
Portrait, Action, or Around Benton County
Action or Around Benton County
173. "What a Character" - If your dog were any kind of character, what or who would he or she be. You can show us with some sort of natural shot or feel free to use costumes and props. Just please have fun with it! Show us what endears your dog to you in
168. "Studious" - Our dogs all get fascinated by things from time to time. Take a picture of your dog being studious! - last day Apr 22

10.  Altered/Abstract Images
Altered/Abstract (possibly in a grouping of three with the two similar photos)
Altered/Abstract (possibly in a grouping of three with the two similar photos)
Altered/Abstract (possibly in a grouping of three with the two similar photos)
114. "Cover Dog" - Take a picture of your dog that you'd see on the cover of a magazine. If you are so inclined, you can create your own magazine cover, too, but the photo is all you have to take. It can be Footloose Fido or Canine Couture, just have fun

11. “Life in Benton County” people or activities
Around Benton County
Portrait, Action, or Around Benton County
Action or Around Benton County

12. Pattern & Textures
148. "A Day in the Life" - Be your dog's photojournalist today and capture a picture of some part of your dog's day for us. Feel free to add a creative spin to it! - last day Apr 2
185. "How's the Weather" - Take a photo today that shows us what the weather is like in your corner of the world! - last day May 9

13. Still Life

Probably the hardest one to decide will be the Animals lot. After all, most of my pictures are of animals, be they my dogs or other animals. I figure I may be able to get away with a great Action picture of an animal, if I can find one. And I think I have a candidate for the Altered/Abstract image. The rest of it all, though... I'm not sure. Of course I don't have to enter every lot, but I figure, why go halfway with it?

Here is the link to my full Flickr album of photos I am thinking of entering in the fair. Please comment on the photo or here on the blog and let me know what pictures you think should be entered!


  1. OMD - you really should! Your pictures are incredible and I have no doubt you would take home a prize or two. That picture of Pallo's nose under Patterns is adorable and your pictures of water and plants are just stunning.

  2. Rooo you have some really pawsome photos there! My faves are the photo with the people and doggie by the sunset (lovely companionship feel to it), the doggie biting his lead (cool composition and expression), and the first three altered/abstract images of the dog on the park bench - loving the light and the compositions!

  3. Those are awesome, you should enter! I just love the picture of Pallo's nose
    And landscape is just stunning

  4. I just love, love, love your pics - You're super talented and really should enter!! :)

    I recognized some of my buddies from Blogpaws in the Animals section :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Well, I came away with at least one blue ribbon every year I entered photos in the BC fair, so I'm CERTAIN you can!

    Entering under 'groupings' is indeed a good way to go. Not only are you more likely to place, but you tend ti get more eye balls per picture.

  6. I love your pics! The silhouettes in the sunrise/sunsets are my favorite.

  7. I think you ought to enter! And if you do, good luck! :)

  8. Hey Koira, Jet here.

    Mom and I agree, if you do not win a prize, WE will make one for you... great shots... you could surely teach Mom a thing or 10!

    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  9. Definitely do it! Your pics are great.

  10. Having a long overdue catch up and am really enjoying your photos! You have such a good eye. You've got plenty of great photos to choose from. Good luck in the fair:)