Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunset on the Dunes

A few pictures, taken at or just before sunset from the top of one of the sand dunes near out campsite at the coast this weekend. 

Pallo sun

The sunset itself was rather unremarkable, as the sun simply melted down into the bank of clouds. 

Florence Sunset

Koira had fun racing around the top of the dunes in the strong wind. She thought it was one of the niftiest things ever.

Koira Sunset

The now-classic facebook timeline photo crop.

Pallo sillhouette

Slightly awkward as a silhouette, I still like this next photo of Koira. It just seems bouncy and playful.

Koira sunset play

While not of dogs, this is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. It was taken as I was approaching the top of the dune, of a father and two kids running around and playing in the sand.

Three silhouettes


  1. Great photos! We are jealous that you got to go camping :)

  2. Those pictures are just fabulous!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I like that picture of Koira as well. It seems very inviting (in that playful way)!

  4. Woof! Woof! LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos ... Happy MM! Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  5. These pictures are gorgeous!

    I haven't gone to the dunes in Oregon yet. I've been to some dunes in California between San Deigo and Phoenix Arizona, in Mexico in Puerto Peñasco, as well as the dunes in Death Valley. Sand dunes are pretty cool, I have always loved going to them.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love silhouette photography!

  7. Don't you just LOVE running on the dunes?!? Love your photos.

  8. Those are some great silhouette pictures! Looks like a fun camping trip.

    Happy Monday!

  9. Those photos are absolutely stunning. You are so talented! t would never ever occur to me to take pictures like that!!