Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mischief Monday: The mischief is all mine

Those of you who are on Flickr may have noticed that I stopped doing the Daily Dog Challenge. It wasn't on purpose. I got busy, then I got hurt, then I just never really started it up again. But, I want to. I had fun taking the pictures, I had fun talking with the other DDC people via the comments, and I enjoyed seeing everyone's take on the challenges.

Sadie and her tongue

I am going to try to start participating more. I am starting with today's challenge and moving forward from there. Catching up with the current ones from the previous week makes me tired thinking about it.

Chloe yawning

Plus, I am going to try to get more pictures of dogs other than my own. For the DDC, I want to try to do mostly my own dogs, because lets face it, they are mine and I love them and they are the easiest to get pictures of. But, it is fun taking pictures of other dogs.

King, laughing about it

Focusing on other dogs gives me a chance to get some pictures that I would never be able to do with my two. It also helps me figure out how to actually be a better photographer. My dogs are both relatively easy to take pictures of, not just in that they both pose pretty well, but both have light faces, distinct facial markings, and light colored eyes that show up nice in photographs.

Jet and the hose

And I'm going to finish off with a picture counter the theme above (which was "Open Mouths" if you didn't realize there was a theme). But, I just had to include a picture of Cassie. She is an adoptable senior dog available through Senior Dog Rescue locally. She is completely blind and deaf (though she appeared to be able to partially hear some sounds). She was a complete love bug; the hardest part of getting a picture of her was to get far enough away, since all she wanted to do was lay right next to me, just enough to touch, and get petted.

Cassie, an adoptable senior lab


  1. Nice pictures of the open mouth dogs. I especially like the one with him playing with the water. What a sweet dog.

  2. They're all beauties, but Cassie seems like a real sweetheart. Wish I had room to take in another fur baby. :(

  3. Lovely, lovely pictures! :D
    I love that first picture, with that big ol' tongue! ;)

    I hope Cassie finds a good home soon! She sure is gorgeous.

  4. I like the idea of taking pictures of other people's dogs to get better. At our weiner walks I snap a lot of photos that include other dogs but I would like to try doing real photo shoots of other dogs.