Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little white Diva

Since me and the dogs are gone for a weekend of flyball, I thought I would schedule an update of a sweet little dog named Diva that I caught some pictures of this week.

Canon 2570

Despite the technical issues with this picture of Diva (slight bluish cast to her fur, sun streak, noise), I ended up liking it. It was shot using a fish-eye filter on my 50mm lens.

Canon 2562

It took forever to get Diva to look up at me, and then the colors were weird, but after a few minutes of fixing it and turning it sepia, I really like this picture.

Canon 2560

While in the 80s today, temperature wise, Diva didn't seem too hot, as long as she was laying in the shade in the grass!

Canon 2554

Diva was showing off her teeth for my fish eye lens again.

Canon 2553

A hot, happy dog.

Have I mentioned before what Diva's breed is? Does anyone think they can guess? She is purebred, and it is a breed accepted by the AKC (though the show dogs don't have haircuts and probably aren't all curly from swimming!).


  1. Shih Zhu? No idea how to spell that LOL. I love that second picture. What camera do you use?
    Nola's MOm

  2. An active maltese, maybe?

    She's very cute, whatever she is!

  3. She looks like my old dog, a lhasa apso!

  4. We had a dog just like Diva. She is beautiful. I would have to say. Maltese poodle. They are wonderful companions. Our dog's name was Pogi.