Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flyball Pictures and a Weekend Recap

This past weekend, I headed over to Redmond, OR for the Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club Dog Show. I was there for two days of lure coursing and one day of flyball.

Canon 2308
Trix, experience flyball dog, running at our weekly team practice
Both dogs were signed up for lure coursing on Friday night. They each only needed one more Q to get their Coursing Ability (CA) title. I figured that achieving that title would be enough of a goal for the lure coursing part of the weekend. Both dogs pulled it off Friday night on their runs. Their titles are now updates in their names on the side bar. I have to say, I LOVE getting new titles on my dogs.

Canon 2281
Bear, a rather large mini Aussie, is debuting in a week in Friday Night Racing

Saturday, I just helped out with the lure coursing, answering questions, bringing pieces of paper back and forth from the judge to the secretary, that kind of thing. It was fun to watch all the various breeds and types of dogs run. Cairn City was erected on Friday, which was two large tents full of kennels and x-pens full of cairn terriers, all competing in lure coursing. They were kind enough to shelter my dogs' kennel under their tents when we had a major downpour later in the afternoon.

Canon 2318
Bear runs so much like a lab, flipping his feet up over the jumps and not caring in the least if he barrels straight into anything or anyone.

Sunday was all flyball, all day. My team hosted their first tournament ever as a fun, one day, outdoor, small scale tournament in Eastern Oregon. It rocked. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, the tournament ran smoothly, and overall it went off with no problems. I spent most of the day line judging (sitting at the start/finish line writing wins/losses, heat times, and flagging mistakes such as dropped balls, early passes, and skipping jumps). A team mate was kind enough to run Pallo for me.

On our team, Chester the corgi achieved his Flyball Dog (FD) title. He ran part time on the team at this tournament, and in only one heat at his last. He rocked it.

Canon 2312

Also, he has the cutest little bunny butt ever.

Canon 2311

Now, me and the dogs are off for a weekend at the coast. My sister's birthday was this week, so we are doing a family camping trip. Pallo unfortunately seems like he may be hurt as he was skipping jumps and bailing out on running at flyball practice this week. He is going to be so mad at being on crate rest while camping!


  1. So much fun! I swear I live through your pictures, as there is no flyball or lure coursing anywhere near me!

  2. I agree, Corgis have the cutest little butts! I hope you have a great weekend camping and that Pallo isn't too miserable.

  3. That first picture reminds me of mountain bike trails I ride :) Have fun on the coast....we are jealous. It's well deserved after all that hard work for sure.

  4. Camping sounds like fun! Have a great time with your sister! I hope Pallo is okay. :)

  5. congrats on the new titles! Cute corgi too :)

  6. Haha! Carin City for sure. That was crazy.
    I will quit being creepy now.

  7. I like getting new titles too. Can't help myself.

  8. Big Congrats on your new titles!!

    That sure looks like a lot of fun - I think I need to give it a try? :)

    Have fun camping,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Congrats on the new titles!! I too love getting titles on Sophie :-) Congrats to your team on hosting their first tournament. We host one a year and I find that to be enough for me LOL

  10. Is that your Pallo lure coursing on page 48? [AKC Family Dog July/August 2012 issue, just out.]