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Happy Tails Canine Spa Review and Giveaway Link Party!


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A while ago, I signed up over at Two Little Cavaliers to participate in a product review and giveaway blog event. Shortly after signing up, I received a package in the mail with two products from Happy Tails Canine Spa: Ear Wipes and Ear Clear.

Canon 1135

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that Pallo has some ear issues. When I adopted him, he had ear infections in both ears, evidence of long-term infections that had gone without treatment, and even permanent lumps in his ears from hematomas, likely from shaking his head so hard, so often, and for so long due to the ear infections. When Pallo came home with me, he was neutered, given his vaccines, and was treated for his ear infections, which, let me tell you, was an adventure. Understandably, Pallo was very uncomfortable with his ears being touched. He would squirm away, roll onto his back, and even snap or bite to get his ears left alone. Ear treatment for those first few weeks included twice daily rounds of muzzling and then wrestling him down for the treatment. I always tried to make it as pleasant as possible for him, but the fact was he needed the meds in there, even if it caused stress.

Canon 1154

Once his ears were cleared up, I set to work on the long path of allowing Pallo to be handled. He was also jumpy and snappy about his feet, tail, or rear being handled as well as his ears. Through the use of gradual petting, treats, careful handling, and even formal conformation classes, Pallo is now comfortable being handled by anyone, in almost any way. Snapping is a thing of the past. But, he still dislikes his ears being handled much, and, like many dogs even without his past, dislikes his ears being cleaned.

While Pallo has occasionally had full blown ear infections since clearing up those first ones he came home with, he tends to suffer from permanently dirty ears even when the ear is not actually infected. His right ear is much worse than the left, and needs cleaning much more often.

Canon 1148

All this is simply a lead up to the products I was sent to review. I thought the history of Pallo's ears is pretty important here, to explain why these products were something I wanted to try with him, and to explain his miserable looks in the photos. While he doesn't enjoy getting his ears cleaned, he willingly allows me to do so, and we always follow it up with a game of fetch.

The Ear Wipes are a pretty neat product. They are round, pre-moistened pads that come in a round little container. It is super simple to take out a wipe and use it to clean out a dirty ear. It is was easier to use these than to use cotton pads that you have to apply solution to for ear cleaning, and way more convenient for when you are traveling or simply in a hurry.

Canon 1136

They also manage to get a TON of gunk out of the ear quickly and easily.

Canon 1137

Pallo is less than impressed with the amount of gunk that comes out of his ears.

Canon 1139

When Pallo's ears are this gross, I follow up the ear wipes with some of the Ear Clear solution. This is basically a serum of natural ingredients that helps prevent gunky ears from becoming infected and helps loosen up and remove any gunk actually in the ear.

Canon 1141

I flip up Pallo's ear flap, put in a little of the solution, hold his ear up so the solution will get into the ear, then I rub, rub, rub his ear really good. He seems to very much enjoy the rubbing part.

Canon 1145

Canon 1144

Canon 1143

Then, I stand back and let him know we're done. Pallo always will give his head a big shake, then run around a little, rub the side of his face on the grass or carpet (I try not to do his ears indoors unless the weather is nasty), and then he grabs a toy and asks for the game he knows comes after ear cleaning time.

Canon 1146

I always end up looking at his ear again. Sometimes, the serum and rubbing will release a lot of gunk that was deep in the ear into the outer ear, where it can be easily wiped away.

Overall, both of these products have worked great. I've noticed that Pallo's ears seem to be staying cleaner (though the pollen levels in the air have a big effect on his level of ear gunk, I've noticed). The Ear Wipes are part of the traveling kit I always put together when we go away for a weekend. The only down side I found to these products is that for a dog with sensitive skin, like Koira has, the wipes need to be used super gently, otherwise they can cause some irritation in the ear. As long as I am careful to be gentle with them on her, she does just fine. Pallo has never had any problems with irritaiton from the Wipes or the Ear Clear serum.

For a chance to win one of these products to try out yourself, please use the Rafflecopter entry form below. If the form doesn't show up, please click on the blog post title.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the Happy Tails Spa Host and participating bloggers are not responsible for prizes that do not get shipped on time, get lost in the mail, or that are never claimed. We have represented the sponsor with the expectation that they will fulfill all of the prizes in a timely manner. While we are not responsible, we will make an effort to assist the winner in obtaining their prize.


  1. My babies have dirty ears and I'd like to clean them.
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  2. I would love to win this product for Dumpling because he is prone to getting ear infections. I clean out his ears once a week with a liquid solution, but he hates the sensation of liquid going down his ear.

  3. My dog had a lot of hair in his ears that tends to catch dirt, so these should be really helpful.

    ps--your dog is beautiful!

  4. I guess we probably need to try the ear clean we were sent the ear pads to review and they work really well for us. Thank you for participating.

  5. I just love the idea of the ear wipes! It would make cleaning Fred and Gloria's ears so much easier! I love the first picture of sleepy Pallo! :-)

  6. Oh I'd love to try this for Nola! Her ears are always dirty, and living on the coast doesn't help as she's always in the water.
    Nola's Mom

  7. Oooo Parker's ears are similar- he hates having them cleaned! Those wipes would be a much easier way to keep the gunk away!

  8. Because ive been using Qtips to clean her ears and she moves too much and im afraid I could hurt her accidentally one of these days. This looks so much easier!

  9. I am currently having alot of issues with my dog having allergies and ear problems.

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  11. I really want to try these products because I have a basset hound and I have a hard time cleaning his ears! I know that these wipes would really work!

  12. I am so glad these products worked so well for you. My dog has floppy ears so I am always hyper conscious of any ear issues she may have as I know she may be prone to them. So far we have been fairly lucky and I am grateful she has no issues with our handling of them.

    Love the photos of the gunk. Hilarious!

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  16. The wipes look like a great idea. I've used up to 30 q-tips to clean Maggie's ears.
    Pallo doesn't look stressed in the pictures, it's easy to see all the time and energy you've put into training him!

  17. they seem like they are made with the best ingredients and from pictures it seems like dogs really like them.

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    My boston terrier has been getting ear infections lately and I really think these products would help him

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