Friday, May 18, 2012

Off to California, and Extreme Challenge pictures

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Well, me and the dogs are packing up the car and headed south. To Gridley, CA specifically.

189. "Half Of A Whole" - Take a picture that shows one half of your dog, from whatever angle you chose today! - last day May 13

Pallo will be running in his first-ever U-Fli tournament. This should be a ton of fun! I haven't been to a tournament since last fall, and it feels like it has been FOREVER!

Canon 898

Before we take off, I wanted to share a few pictures from our adventure last weekend with Extreme Challenge trying out some dock diving with the pups. Koira really loved it, and I think she will do awesome if we keep practicing.

This little girl is an awesome jumper, and hilarious to see her expressions that I captured during her jumps.

Canon 1101

Here she is again with her handler throwing the toy.
Canon 1090

Here is one of the pictures of Koira jumping. I think the people taking pictures of my dogs were afraid to zoom in too much and miss the dog completely, but I'm happy to have any pictures at all.

Canon 1038

This one was hilarious. They were trying to show the dog on the dock that other dogs were happy to jump in the water. The bumper was basically dropped into the water, and Emma, the one in the air, just dove straight off the dock for it.

Canon 996

Another one of Koira jumping. She has such a silly jumping style.
Canon 958

I think this is my favorite one of Koira. The splash in the water just makes me happy, with her jumping into the air and me in the background.
Canon 957

This is as close as Pallo got to jumping off the dock. Silly little boy. He had fun swimming from the shore, but nothing would convince him it was a good idea to leap into the water. Finally, something Koira is way better at than Pallo...

Canon 904

This is probably my favorite shot of the day. This dog was out with some pretty serious injuries for a while, and this was his first practice back. I was super impressed. Plus, this is just pretty hilarious anyway. I still need to get around to actually editing these pictures, so you can really see the colors and amazingness.
Canon 872

And here is the same dog with his handler.
Canon 871

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We'll have to let you know how U-Fli racing goes for us, and see everyone again on Monday. I am hoping that during the drive home on Sunday I will be in the Medford, OR area around 6:23 for the peak of the solar eclipse. If so, I will try to get pictures.


  1. I'm so impressed with all the things you do with your dogs!

    Hahaha Pallo's expression is JUST like Elli's when she decides against swimming, complete with the "how do I get out of here...?" look.

    Good luck, Pallo! Have fun. :)

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  3. Legend loves to swim, but she's not much into jumping off the dock. Getting closer though.

  4. Dock diving is so cool! I love seeing the pictures. I don't ever see myself devoting the time to such extensive training (I'm sure that sounds terrible,) but I love reading about it!

  5. What great shots! I laughed at that one of Pallo! LOL! Good luck in CA!

  6. How utterly amazing!! Those action shots are fantastic! I originally came by to see your Monday Mischief, but these caught my Mommy's and my eye especially. My version of action is doing my little tricks. Mommy caught me twirling and did a multi-shot action poster. Come by and check it out...from May 21.
    Hugs to you & all your pups!
    ~ Pixel Blue Eyes

  7. Great post and photographs!