Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Pallo's Mouth

Happy Tuesday! I drove up to Portland yesterday evening to pick up Pallo, who did not appear to have missed me terribly. The dogs did get a dried duck foot each, though, as an awesome-dog reward for be my awesome dogs. 

185. "How's the Weather" - Take a photo today that shows us what the weather is like in your corner of the world! - last day May 9

Then today, I was walking around town and went into a thrift store. And what did I find but a set of 52mm macro filters. The macro filters I have right now are 55mm, so I have to use a 52-55 step-up ring to use them with my 50mm prime. With the 52mm filters, I won't have to use the extra ring, and I will be able to fit the same lens cap on with or without the filter. 

However, the extra set of macro filters resulted in me stacking the three 52mm filters, threading on the step-up ring, then stacking on the three 55mm macro filters. Then I took super-close-up pictures. And because it is Tasty Tuesday, I took pictures of Pallo's tongue and teeth. Because then it is almost like I planned this. (Plus, dog teeth is apparently one of the number one search terms that leads people to my blog. Go figure.)


I also took a few pictures out in my garden (which is pretty sad and pathetic so far this year, other than some sprouting pumpkins from the compost and the very enthusiastic marionberry climbing the fence). This little lady bug was on the marionberry leaves.

Lady Bug

Then, I went to try for a picture of this great dandelion puff. But Martha saw me going for it and ate half of it before I could grab it from her. So I was left with only about three seeds total still on the stem of which to take a picture.



  1. Those are some amazing close up shots! What a lucky thrift store find!

  2. Whoa! Love the close ups and that you found the lens at the thrift store. HI there, I'm new here I'm trying to promote my pet blog link up. Hope you can check it out.

  3. Canine lymph nodes is the top search term for mine.

  4. I especially love the whimsical "make a wish" flower. I must also say, your dogs teeth appear to be in perfect shape!

  5. incredible photos! ahh i need that lens.

  6. I did not understand a single word of your camera mumbo jumbo, but MN! do I *love* that pictre of Pallo's tongue! Dried duck feet, eh? *gags* I bet they love those...

  7. What a great score at the thrift store! Your close-ups are terrific! I love the ladybug!

  8. What gorgeous shots!

    Glad Pallo had a good holiday - it's amazing how they just get on with it, isn't it?!