Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pallo Goes to Canada

That's right, I said Pallo, not we. I am staying home this weekend to work. Koira is staying with me. Pallo, on the other hand, is taking a fun trip to Canada with a flyball friend, Nancy, who needed a spare dog for their team this weekend.

I spent some time making up the list of stuff to pack for Pallo, then spent a good bit longer writing in a "Pallo notebook" about all his little weird things. I included his full registered name, his CRN (which is needed so that dogs can earn points in NAFA toward titles), and his jump height. Then, one page each on feeding Pallo, pottying Pallo, running flyball with Pallo, and of course another page of random stuff.

In addition to the notebook, Pallo will be traveling with his rabies certificate, proof of my ownership of him (a photocopy of his adoption paperwork), and letter written and signed by me, giving my friend permission to take my dog across the border and back.

Then, of course, Pallo also has his actual stuff to take along. He has a crate, a crate blanket, and a bag with an extra collar, two leashes, two squeaky toys, three tugs, some treats, a small soft sided cooler with his food (lamb hearts and meaty lamb bones), a water dish, and a roll of poop bags (which I know Nancy will have, but that I am sending anyway, because when at a dog event, there is no such thing as having too many poop bags).

I can't help but think I am forgetting something. Like, packing stuff for myself. Because I've never sent Pallo away for a weekend all by himself. He has always had either me or Koira along with him. I know that Nancy will take great care of him, and Pallo will have a blast running flyball, because that is what this dog was born to do, but still. I'm going to miss my little man.


  1. Hope he has fun! I'll bet he will be super happy to see you when he gets home.

  2. Awwwe! I bet your going to miss him a lot! I'm sure he'll have a blast though! :-)

  3. What a brave little man, going off on his own. This is a milestone, you should feel proud. Only a matter of time til he's off to college. Wait....

  4. Awwww, how cute! His first "big boy" trip away from Mom. LOL, I can't say I've ever sent my dogs away without me, but I hope Pallo has fun!!