Friday, May 25, 2012

Lure coursing and flyball

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This week we lucked out and had practice in two sports, both lure coursing and flyball. We headed out for a very small group lure coursing practice on Tuesday evening, with a total of six dogs there to run the lure.

Canon 1220

I ran each of my dogs by themselves twice, then, just for kicks, ran them together for the last one.

Canon 1239

Canon 1240

Canon 1242

I had someone else release my dogs for me, so that I had a chance to get some pictures of them. My conclusion is that I need a longer lens to get seriously good lure coursing pictures. And that Koira is WAY faster than Pallo (at least in lure coursing, since their times are about the same in flyball). I did also act as catcher for the two whippets who came out to practice (the other two dogs were a miniature Poodle and a shepherd mix puppy).

Canon 1236

Watching those whippets run is always pretty amazing.

Then, on Thursday, we headed off to our regular team flyball practice. Since I learned a lot about my camera's settings while at the flyball tournament last weekend, I decided to try for some new pictures of the dogs using my new knowledge. I think there is a lot of room for improvement still, but that these are way better than the ones I took last time I pulled out the camera at practice.

Canon 1279
Team dog Joy, still learning her box turn

And, of course, the highlights of practice are some basic achievements. Pallo ran steady. It is basically just expected of him now.

Canon 1268
Tank, a solid team dog

Koira, on the other hand, had some awesome work (which for her is worth remarking on). After racing on Saturday at the tournament, I got some great advice from a couple of very experienced flyball trainers about how to work on Koira's box turn. I tried it out for the first time at practice, and I have to say, it looks like this may be the method we needed to find.

Canon 1263
Zip, a slightly crazy but ultimately loving and adorable team dog, who has become way more reliable than anyone would have thought possible a year ago. 

Basically, Koira didn't have a single double hitting issue. She wasn't super solidly amazing every time, but her turns looked good, she snapped off the box quickly, straight to her tug, and she had NO double hitting or readjusting of her feet. Hopefully with steady training sessions she will be able to relearn a proper box turn this time. One that sticks!

PS: You may have noticed a slight change in the sidebar, if you are observant. Yes, Pallo earned three new titles this past weekend, his first U-Fli titles. Way to go little man!


  1. Holy Wow! Koira is pretty amazing!

  2. Great shots! Way to go Pallo! :)

  3. Awesome pics! I love watching Lure Coursing. I used a 100-400 lens once and it helped!

    I think your flyball ones are great! Action indoors is almost impossible but you managed some great ones.

  4. Beautiful photos, your dogs look like they're having such a blast!!

  5. Come on, spill the current flyball box training tips! Several folks on my team [with new dogs] are following you.... Thanks for the photos. Hang in there with Koira - flyball will happen.

  6. Hi Y'all,

    Just catchin' up and read the last several posts that we missed. The photos are absolutely amazing! Love the whippet lure coursing!

    Congratulations Pallo!! You go!

    How y'all doin'? Just stoppin' by to wish y'all a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. You're getting terrific action shots from your camera. Either Beryl goes way too fast or I'm doing something radically wrong as I don't get many in focus and I take hundreds at a time:)

    Congratulations to Pallo, he's got a virtual alphabet after his name now!

    Love the top photo of Pallo lure coursing. It's fun to see the facial expressions the camera captures that the naked eye doesn't see as in the last photo of Koira.