Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vet Verdict

Pallo went in to update his rabies shot yesterday afternoon.

I took the opportunity to talk to the vet about Koira's x-rays in person, and to pick up the official analysis paperwork. While I was told over the phone that Koira's hips were clear, the wording on the official paperwork makes me think she might have a problem there that will develop later on. Basically, they found her hips to be slightly abnormal, but are blaming positioning during the x-ray due to no evidence of degeneration. I am not attempting to second guess the professional opinion as given, but have decided to add glucosamine/chondroitin supplements to Koira's diet as a precaution, in case the abnormalities were actually abnormal.

Because the x-rays revealed nothing that would cause a limp, I have been asked by my vet to log Koira's activities and limping, to see if we can pin down specific causes for her intermittent limping. I will also be keeping Koira on light exercise only for two weeks, in case of a soft tissue injury that was not in evidence. So, she will still be able to go on walks and play with Pallo, but no frisbee and no flyball for her.

Pallo actually did very good at the vet. When I got him a little over a year ago, he was nippy about being handled in general and very scared at the vet. His first ever annual exam last year involved him snapping at the vet and tech when they touched his ears, feet, stomach, or tail, and he peed all over as well when his temperature was taken. In fact, at last year's annual, Pallo was so bad about his ear exam that he had to be muzzled and have to vet techs help hold him.

This year, he was almost like a totally different dog. It is great to see how much progress we have made since then. There was one spook when the vet went to look in his ear, but no growling and no snapping. He did growl for his temperature to be taken, but allowed me to hold him steady, and again, did not snap. His feet and stomach exams were a total non-issue and the vet was even able to feel around his back legs and tendons to check him out for me without any fuss at all. I think, with a little more work, I may get a dog who, while probably not overjoyed at going to the vet like Koira is (they give her cookies and pets and she loves them there) will hopefully be able to go to the vet safely and relatively happily.

Pallo was totally normal, no ear problems, no teeth problems, no problems. The only slight issue (other than the behavior training we have to do still) was that his right hind leg apparently has a slightly looser feel to the tendon over his knee than the left side. I was told it may have been positional, or it may develop into a problem later. For now, we will keep an eye on that knee for signs of ACL injury and continue to give Pallo steady, regimented exercise to help keep the joint supported and healthy.

Summary, both my dogs are normal. However, despite being normal, both dogs will now be getting glucosamine supplements, both in pill form and by way of raw treats such as chicken feet and trachea. Thank you to everyone who was worried about Koira's limping. Here's to hoping that thoughts of good karma will get her back to her non-limping self in no time.

And now, a corgi picture for cuteness.

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This little guy is one of Pallo's buddies from the park and is absolutely adorable.


  1. That's great that your dogs are normal! :) I do hate those elusive limps, though. Glucosamine is always a good thing.

    And that's Awesome that Pallo did so well at the vet! It's amazing what a good stable home, and positive training, can do to build confidence!

  2. The trick is getting the dog to eat the glucosamine... Mine seem to hate the taste.

    Thanks, I have worked so long with Pallo, its great to see the difference it's made