Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I finally got some pictures of Pallo working today by the simple way of visiting a friend while she was at work, and working my dog whenever there were no customers in the store. It does mean I have to appologize for the poor quality of the pictures, because they were taken indoors, and my camera has a hatred of the indoors.

We didn't have a wall to work with, so I just brough my jump and touch stick along and we worked touches and over-and-backs with the stick.

Pallo is always super attentive during training. Notice how the stick I have is black on the tip. When training the "touch" behavior, I only rewarded for touches in that black area, since I want the dog to follow the end of the stick, not the stick anywhere they feel like grabbing it.

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Pallo goes over the jump. He is already turning back to me before he is fully over the jump, because the stick has whipped away, back to my side.

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He then jumps back, and I take the stick out of target range, and give him his reward.

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He got a little more speed on this over, and has to really dig in tight to get the fast, single stepping turn I am rewarding for.

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You can tell by looking at him that this dog is loving what he is doing, and having a great time out there. Though possibly that was just the sardines he was getting as rewards.

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He did great, considering this was working in a new location, around one of his favorite people, and with tons and tons of new smells around (my friend works in a tack consignment store, so lots of farm and horse smells in things).

His over-and-backs were very smooth.

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Koira didn't get her pictures taken, because her limp is back, so no working for her, and leash-walking only. She is going in to the vet for x-rays tomorrow morning though, so hopefully we wil get some answers to what is ailing her.

I did get a video of her limping, as it appeared at the park.

My old digital camera doesn't take the best videos by a long shot, and my netbook can't support video editing, but you can get the general idea of her gait problems. She is limping a little on her right hind, and is generally tight all over in the rear.

Here's to hoping the vet will figure it out soon, so my little girl can be on her way to recovery.

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  1. I so hate those darn illusive limps. Our Lucy has had one for years now, and we've had all the tests done and no one can figure out why. She's 12 and on Metacam so we just keep her comfortable.

    The jump over and back looks great!