Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ruff Wear

I went in to the local pet supply place to pick up a new frisbee for Koira today. Her old one is the small size Ruff Wear frisbee, which we got as part of our compensation for a photo shoot we did with them last summer. It lasted really well, up until the tug-of-war games in the snow with Possum the Border Collie. Now it still flies fine, mostly, but has a bunch of fraying along the seams, which apparently is tempting to stop and chew on.

Given how well the previous frisbee held up, especially compared to other ones we have used, which tend to last about 2-3 throwing sessions at the most, Ruff Wear was the brand I went for again. Even more so after the store clerk I talked to recommended it as the best for a power chewer dog who may or may not use it as a tug toy as well.

In any case, once in the store, frisbee bought, it started pouring rain outside. So I decided to waste a bit of time browsing around the store, looking for booties for Koira's tender little feetsies. After trying on a few of the booties they had in stock, I have some ideas of boots that might actally remain on her feet for a while.

Better though, I got a peek at the Ruff Wear spring/summer catalog. And guess who has her picture right inside? Thats right, Koira does. I hadn't found Koira or Pallo pictured on the Ruff Wear website at all after our photoshoot, so was thinking they had decided not to use any of those pictures, for whatever reason.

I had the store put a post-it on the catalog to call me when they are ready to throw it away, and give it to me to keep. Because, you know, my dog is famous, with her picture in it.

We did end up getting to the park in only a light misting rain for a while to break in the new frisbee, which throws way better than the little one ever did. About 45 minutes after we got to the park, Koira started limping on a front leg (cut foot this time) and we got back to the car just before the rain started pouring again.

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