Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am moving this week. So far I have brought two loads of stuff to the new place, and now am staying for the weekend, just me and the dogs, since I work four days in a row all day.

The dogs still are examining the yard, and Pallo keeps trying to lick up something along the wall in the carpet near the door, though I can't see anything there. Overall, going good with the move.

Thats is, until a few minutes ago when I saw a flea.

Stupid fleas. Just takes one and I start thinking they are everywhere. My head starts itching, I start slapping at any little tickle or itch. Looks like I will be picking up a bug bomb tomorrow and spending a night in the old place while the fleas die. And picking up some Comfortis for the dogs and Frontlining the cat. Oh joy.

On the limping note, Koira is being true to form by not limping at all since my last post about her. I haven't heard back from the vet yet, but she did say most likely it would be Monday, so I'm not too worried about it.

I have gotten a handful of potential ideas of what it could be, adding tick disease to the list as well, meaning a possible SNAP4 test. Western Oregon has a really low incidence of TBD, but it might be worth testing for just in case. Afterall, I have a itchy tick bite from 9 months ago that won't go away, so I shouldn't rule anything out really.

The dogs are for sure enjoying living next to the park again though. We went out this morning before I headed off to work for an hour of off leash play and running time. There weren't a ton of other dogs there, which was unfortunate, but Koira and Pallo are pretty good at playing with each other for exersize, and managed to get a good work out I think. Pallo might need to start going on leash though, or with cookies, or something, as toward the end of our walk he latched on to someone with a chuck-it and wouldn't be called off. Just followed the man and his four pitties around until I came and got him. Not cool, Pallo, not cool. This after I was so proud at him responding really well to a "leave it" for another dog's ball.

But now its late and I am rambling, so am off to soak out the soreness of a day of standing on concrete in the cold with a long hot bath

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