Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stupid Computer; Guess the Breed

Gah, I am so annoyed with my internet right now. My computer seems to insist that I balance it just right, otherwise it won't connect. And, should I type up a long email, it will always disconnect right when I hit the send button.

Any tips on a good wireless internet booster that you plug into the USB on a netbook/laptop that would give me steadier internet?

Now, just for fun, how about an episode of Guess the Breed.

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This little cutie is Lexi. She is a registered purebred dog, recognized by AKC. And, its one of my favorite pictures I took of her last summer.


  1. Bearded Collie? I love beardies. I would love to have one... but that's so much hair! :)

    You could always type your email in a text editor, save, then copy/paste into the email itself. Or just select it all and copy it to the clipboard before you hit send. I've been known to do that myself when my internet is being flaky. :)

  2. I actually have been doing that copy/paste thing with emails, but I always manage to forget on the really long emails. Figures.

    Nope, not a Beardie. They do look very similar, but are not, as far as I know, related in any way.

    Lexi, in this picture, I believed weighed in at about 17-20 lbs.

  3. Whoop! Yes, Katie got it right, Lexi is a Tibetan Terrier.

    I'm sure the extreme wind in the picture doesn't help identify the breed at all, but I really love how the picture turned out even so.

  4. I had an apartment-mate in college who had a TT. She was a lousy dog owner and her dog was a freaking nightmare, but in retrospect I bet he could have been a really cool dog with a better owner.

  5. Cute!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!