Wednesday, August 2, 2017

TA, Part One: Lunch

TA small-6226
My favorite decor. Closed while we were there though

For the last weekend in July, I took a spur of the moment trip to Vancouver Island for a flyball tournament I have never been to before, hosted by Total Anarchy. On Monday, a friend asked if I wanted to go to the tournament, and carpool with her and another friend. I didn't have any other weekend plans, so decided to go along. At the last minute, I stopped at my favorite local camera store in Dallas, OR (Focal Point Photography) and rented a fisheye lens for the first time ever to use on the trip.

TA small-6223
Jurassic food carts

We ended up being asked to bring another friend's dog up to the tournament with us to run with another team. So I went up to Portland late morning on Friday to pick up Sonic and meet my friend Tara. We would then drive up to Port Angeles, where we would meet the third person riding with us before catching the last ferry to Vancouver Island of the day.

TA small-6234
Sonic, looking adorable

TA small-6237
Ptera, not to be outdone

Tara was held up at work after an emergency vet visit made her late getting there (the dog is fine, and it wasn't one of the ones going to the tournament with us). So in an effort to get things moving the right direction and get us leaving as soon as possible, I took Sonic and Ptera to a food cart pod near by to pick up lunch.

TA small-6239
This place had water for the dogs, a mister set up, and offered us dog biscuits as we walked by

Ptera had never been anywhere like this before. I'm not sure about Sonic. They both took it in stride and seemed to enjoy the walk. They waited mostly patiently for our food to be made, and then enjoyed the walk back to my car again at the end.

TA small-6241
Just a cool stack of cans

Once I returned with the food, Tara had returned from work, and we were able to start on getting the car loaded and getting on the road.

TA small-6232
Wondering if Sonic got something she didn't

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  1. What fun, colorful food trucks! These are adorable pictures of the pups, too. Hope that you had a great trip!