Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Guest #chewyinfluencer

We had a guest help us with one of our Chewy.com reviews this month.

Chewy August-0289
Our special guest #chewyinfluencer

Domestic silver fox, nicknamed Pancake by a friend of mine (because he flattens to the ground like, you guessed it, a pancake when playing with the dog) came by to let me get some photos. He agreed to help us review the Zignature canned food we picked this month, in the Catfish flavor. As usual, while we were provided with this product by Chewy, we were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are entirely our own.

Chewy August-0292
He is handsome and he knows it.

Foxes are pretty much omnivores, much like raccoons. They eat a lot of different foods, but apparently do best when they get both meat and vegetables/fruits in their diet. One of the favorite treats for Pancake is actually melon, which he absolutely loves, and he looks like a fruit bat when eating melon. I now know why some bats are nicknamed flying foxes. At the same time, he did enjoy the meat-based dog training treats I have on hand, and eats cat kibble as a main portion of his regular food (supplemented by a number of other things, the details of which I am not sure of, since I'm not actually the one feeding him anything other than treats).

Chewy August-0283
Sampling the Zignature canned food

So, a little about this food (even though foxes are totally distracting and steal the show). Zignature is an excellent line of high quality dog foods, and they are especially good for dogs who need specific diets. We previously reviewed the Kangaroo variety of the Zignature food, and found it an excellent option. I actually have a friend with a dog who eats the Zignature Kangaroo (mostly the canned food, but a little bit of the kibble) because he has some undiagnosed medical issues (not for lack of trying to diagnose them) that have caused him both to have digestive issues and to not want to eat at all. He seems to be doing really well on this food though, so fingers crossed that they have figured out what works for him.

Opening a can of the Catfish flavor that we have this month, the food looks pretty much like any other pate style dog food. The smell isn't the normal gross dog food smell that comes off cheaper cans of dog food, though. The smell isn't super strong or offensive, but is somewhat fishy. Forgivable, I think, for a fish based food. The can had some liquid in it, as well as the pate, which was a tiny bit messy since I wasn't expecting that when I went to scoop some food into a bowl for our review panel. The taste test was a resounding success. Ptera absolutely loved it. Theodore Trex had to be locked in the other room to not end up in all the pictures. And our special guest reviewer was pretty sure it was the best thing ever.

Chewy August-0273
Ptera got to try some too.

Overall, we really liked this food. The ingredient list was great, the company has a great reputation, this option is at a more affordable price point than some of the other Zignature canned foods, and it was a big hit with animals of three species. Of course this is not the cheapest canned dog food out there- but I think it more than delivers for the price in terms of quality.

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  1. I do feed primarily raw, but my guys LOVE the Zignature Kangaroo as their training treat and snacks so I am sure they would love the canned food. I must have missed this product on the review list!

    PS Love the fox!