Saturday, August 5, 2017

TA, Part Three: Tournament

The Total Anarchy tournament is held on Vancouver Island every summer. This year, the tournament was held indoors at what is (in the winter) a curling rink. It wouldn't be big enough for a huge two ring tournament and all the teams that go with it, but for a one ring tournament, it was a really nice venue.

TA small-6323
Crating area

TA small-6324
The ring

I don't think any team was super cramped in their crating areas. It was absurdly loud in there, even for flyball, but otherwise was great.

TA small-6322
Unorthodogs' Torque

TA small-6356

Ptera was running Open with a team I haven't run with before, the Barnstormers. I found the team to be very well organized, which I appreciated. I don't enjoy running Open as much if it seems like no one knows what they are doing, or if small arguments break out all the time about who is running in what order.

TA small-6401
Releasing the start dog

It didn't end up being the most point-rich weekend for us. Despite that, I had a ton of fun, and would happily run with this team again. Ptera has just as much fun when she gets 500 points as when she gets 50, and the overall attitude remained one of having fun and being there to enjoy the sport with our dogs.

TA small-6570
Border staffies!

TA small-6548
Baby puppy

So many fun times at the tournament, for sure.


  1. I love so many things about that picture of me releasing Quasar. Of course Quasar driving hard is nifty, then there is Pixel sounding off, and in the background Maddie going bonkers just as she get's released...