Monday, August 7, 2017

TA Part Four: Closeups

This could basically be a post called "Fun with Fisheyes" to be honest. A collection of all those absurdly close up photos I just had to take while at the tournament.

TA small-6580
Prima, posing like the pro she is

TA small-6538
Super excited puppy

TA small-6533
Dixie was on the team Ptera ran with for the weekend

TA small-6525
Little miss Karma

TA small-6507
Steeem. This is so him. He is the most absurdly friendly dog ever, in a totally overwhelming way

TA small-6488
Impatient to get in the lanes, and telling us about it.

TA small-6432
Bryn wasn't super sure of the fisheye at first, but was willing to investigate

TA small-6387
Milo always sits pretty for his treat at the end of his runs

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