Monday, February 27, 2017

Waterproof Collar Review

Oregon is wet. As I type this, I can hear the rain outside. It has been raining every day for weeks at this point, I believe. The past few days, snow has been mixed in with the rain. But wet weather can't keep us from having some fun, or else we would never leave the house.

Chewy February-3837 offered us the opportunity to review the Red Dingo PVC Dog Collar this month, and we jumped on it. This is a completely waterproof collar meant for the kind of weather we go through here, or for playing in the water in the summer. Or for dogs who roll in things (you can wash the collar off in the sink with soap, rather than running it through the laundry), or uncoordinated owners who spill things on their dogs (like coffee, which I spilled all over all of the dog gear at our last flyball tournament).

Chewy February-3835

So, first, I have had Biothane collars before. Biothane is a specific brand of coated nylon that is used for horse and dog gear, among other things. This PVC collar is similar, but not the same. It feels less like leather and more like plastic than biothane, though it is just as waterproof and I do think it looks good. The colors are more vivid with these PVC collars than on any biothane one I've seen, with blue, hot pink, orange, purple, and lime green available. These photos were taken after almost a full month of Ptera wearing this collar every day, so you can see it holds up well. The bright color isn't faded at all.

Chewy February-3840

When picking a size, the collar was very true to size. You can see that Ptera wears it on about the middle hole, and it fits her great. I just used the neck size I have measured with a fabric tape measure.

Chewy February-3842

Overall, I think this collar is a very affordable option for anyone who wants a waterproof/odorproof collar, but isn't looking for the leather-like feel that comes from biothane.

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