Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Training Tuesday: Muzzle Training

So many people asked about the muzzle we posted about last week in our round up of some of our current training equipment, so I decided to make a short video showing my approach to muzzle training in a positive way. If you go through muzzle training correctly, your dog won't fight having the muzzle on, and can safely be muzzled for a huge variety of circumstances.

Chilling in the house with her muzzle on

Wondering why I'm taking her picture

Please feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear, or share your reasons for using or wanting to use a muzzle with your dog.


  1. We have one just in case we need it. Mom was surprised that Bailie and I put it on and wore it with no problem, but we often wear stuff on our heads for photos which might be similar in feeling.

  2. You're brilliant! I was just having a muzzle conversation with a friend this morning.

  3. Not something I need to use, but grateful for your post for those who have considered.

    1. I consider muzzle training essential for every dog. I would encourage you to look into it for your dogs.

  4. I love that positive approach! I would think almost any dog would go into a muzzle that's packed with snacks!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie