Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tasty Tuesday: Kong Wobbler Treat and Food Dispenser

Chewy February-3787

This month, I was lucky enough to do a review of the Kong Wobbler for Chewy.com. (We were given the Kong Wobbler for free in exchange for our honest review, but we were not compensated in any other way.)

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Chewy February-3807

I like finding ways to feed kibble that take longer and require more thinking than just tossing it into a bowl. Raw meals here normally take at least five minutes, and sometimes a lot longer. So when we feed kibble, I like to do what I can to make it take a lot longer than ten seconds.

Chewy February-3815

With the Kong Wobbler, you unscrew the top and bottom portions (great for cleaning too!) and scoop in as much kibble as you want. The small size wobbler is what we used, and it fits almost exactly two cups of kibble, but you can put less in of course so it is the amount you want your dog to have for their meal.

Chewy February-3831

Then, just screw the parts back together and set it down for the dog. Ptera didn't take long to figure it out at all.

The dog can nudge it with their nose, paw at it, or even just generally accidentally knock into it. Ptera switches between her nose and her paw. Koira is all paw, all the time.

Overall, I love the Kong Wobbler. The small is the perfect size for my dogs. I would say if your dog is more than 50 lbs, or eats more than two cups of kibble in one meal, go for the large.

Chewy February-3829

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  1. We just bought a Kong Wobbler a few weeks ago--the dogs were so excited about it that I had to order a second one so they could both play at once.