Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy 9th Gotcha Day Koira!

For those who are newer to the blog- I got Koira as a free puppy off of Craigslist. I saw her picture and decided I just had to bring her home. It was my 21st birthday the following day, and this dog had the perfect martini glass shape on her face.

Her picture on Craigslist

The ad actually kept getting deleted, but after working like hell to reply faster than people could flag it, I managed to get in touch with the family.

Little one and sibling
Koira with a sibling

She was 8 weeks old, and tiny. Super tiny, and super adorable. It was a litter of 6, and two of the pups were tri color. The other tri was a male, and I was super tempted by him. But ended up sticking with my original plan, and brought home the little tri girl.

Our first photo together, within minutes of meeting

Man, things have changed in so many ways since then. Koira was my birthday present to myself for my 21st birthday. She's been in my life for 9 years. And while she is getting older, she is and always be my baby girl.

Snuggled up tight in her first little sweater

Adorable pink spotted nose.


  1. What a cutie she was as a baby! Happy Gotcha Day! I'm a sucker for tri dogs, so I would have instantly been drawn to her, too.

  2. Those baby pictures! She really is just a gorgeous girl. Happy Gotcha Day!

  3. OMG I've never seen her baby photos before. She was precious. Holy cow!