Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Monkey See Monkey Do

Much as I love her, Koira has some habits that I am not particularly fond of. Probably the biggest one is that she gets over the top excited and obsessive. When we go paddleboarding, Koira spends the entire time leaping off the SUP, swimming after the kayaks (I always go on the river with at least one other person, for both safety and fun), climbing back on the SUP and using it as a launching pad again. And barking the entire time, with a deep booming bell like bark.

4th of July-7863
Landshark locked, loaded, and launched!
She loves going paddleboarding. But she isn't the most enjoyable dog to take along in some ways. I said from the beginning that I hoped she didn't end up teaching Ptera all of her bad habits. 
GoPro MoonShine-9052
Obviously Ptera is very excited by Koira's excitement and movement.
Honestly, I should have known better. I guess if I don't want Ptera to copy Koira, I can't take them out together. Because this little JRT has some serious terrier tenacity and high drive, which is just driven on even more by Koira's over the top excitement. I guess I am destined to have crazy dogs on the paddleboard with me. Or swimming after it.

GoPro MoonShine-8914
Monkey see, monkey do. While Ptera doesn't spend as much time jumping off the SUP and swimming, she is confident enough to leap off into the water a few times before she gets cold.

Do your dogs teach each other things? I feel like it can work both ways. A well behaved dog with good habits and routines helps train a new dog to behave the same way. But when that same dog does crazy things like barking her head off and leaping into the water repeatedly (and then turning around to sharkbite the front of the SUP), those habits and behaviors appear to transfer as well.

I see some solo SUP trips in the future for me and Ptera, to try to get some more polite and enjoyable behavior, before the barking and craziness gets too ingrained.


  1. Sure looks like fun!!! The Lapdogs won't go in their kiddie pool, but I'm not sure about a lake.

  2. That's just awesome!! Look at you guys, real professional divers!!

  3. What fun (well, except for the crazed jumping off part). :) I would love to try SUP'ing w/ Rita, but she's not a fan of water that is anything more than knee deep on her, so I'm not sure she'd like it. But if she did... she'd cling to the board! No jumping in for her.

  4. This is such a great post - my dogs absolutely copy each other and that can be good AND bad. However, are both exhausted after your SUP trips? Maybe this is actually the most amazing way to exercise them both while you're out on the water and looks like SO much fun (more than walks in the neighborhood for sure) on a nice day - even if it feels exhausting! I totally get it...mine would do the same thing....I'ms positive.

    1. Oh yeah, they were both super tired after this. It not only was tiring in and of itself, but it was also the last thing we did during a four day camping trip before heading home, so they were probably already on the tired side.

  5. It's so cool that your dogs go paddleboarding with you! I can't get mine in the water. These are great shots!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  6. Oddly enough when we had our foster dog, I don't think the two taught each other anything! FP's bad habit was food guarding which Mr. N didn't pick up on. I don't think the FP learned anything (good or bad) from watching Mr. N.

  7. Oh, that's hilarious. I do think they teach one another both the good and the bad. And I also think the bad habits are more fun. That's why dogs pick those lessons up faster!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  8. I have only jumped off my kayak toy once or twice, but I do love my kayak toy. MOL.

    Sarah, Shhadow, and Stealth