Sunday, July 31, 2016

Black and White Sunday: Box Turns

My new flyball team did a photoshoot with all of our dogs for some promotional material. Awesome side effect- I ended up with new and awesome photos of my dogs doing flyball.

A teammate ran Koira while I took pictures. I love that she is solid when run by someone else, and that all our hard work on her box turn over the years has paid off. Her turn isn't awesome, but it is so, so, so much better than it was!

A teammate took Ptera's pictures with my camera while I ran her. There is a prop in front of the box (you can see it in the lower right corner just barely), but Ptera now has a box turn! We're working on cleaning it up so it is fast and snappy now.


  1. Those are awesome action photos! I always wanted to try Flyball with one of our dogs.

  2. Are you still teaching in Corvallis?

    1. I have a new flyball class starting soon, yes.