Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chewy Review: Evanger's Super Premium Cat Food

On the cat side of things, this month, we reviewed Evanger's Super Premium Cat Food from

Chewy August-7604
Slightly crinkly bag after we've been feeding out of it, since it has to be shoved into a bin to keep the cat from breaking into it.

Cats, as opposed to dogs, tend to be a good deal picker when it comes to food. My dogs, at least, are both food hounds, and while Theodore Trex is a total fatty when it comes to food, he is also strangely picky sometimes as well. So while I switch my dogs cold turkey between foods, in order to get Trex to eat a new food at all, I tend to have to mix the foods together with his old stuff to convince him the new stuff counts as food. And even then, he tends to complain a bit that the food is wrong.

All of that said, he did accept this food pretty quickly compared to some others I've tried. I never did get him to eat a meal of it unmixed without meowing at me a bit before or part way through eating, but that is pretty typical of a cat set in his ways, and he never refused to eat the food entirely.
Chewy August-7606
Triangular kibbles

The ingredients for this food are great, though I've always been of the opinion that fish is included in cat food not because cats like it or need it, but because people think cats do (fish by itself is not a healthy diet for cats, as it lacks many things cats need to thrive). That said, there are other protein sources in this kibble that are great for cats with Pheasant and Duck both in the top 6 ingredients.

The price is very similar to other high quality cat kibbles, so I think it is a great one to consider as a stand alone kibble or as part of a rotational or varied diet.

As usual, while we did receive this product for free to review, all opinions are entirely our own, and we were not compensated in any other ways.

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