Monday, March 26, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Pallo's Big Mouth

Koira is doing good, and still well on the road to recovery. But, my camera battery died while I was trying to get some shots of Pallo (who I started with), so I am short on shots of Koira today. Plus, Pallo has a huge mouth.

Mid-catch of the now-infamous pink ball. Pallo shows off his pearly whites and his crazy eyes.

142. "Do Over" - We've all had those shots that we thought would turn out well, and then there was just something about it that didn't work the way we planned or hoped. Or maybe you just had more ideas than you could fit into one assignment. In any event,

When given the challenge to take a picture of my dog with a flower, I first took a few classic shots of Pallo laying nicely in front of a bed of flowers. Then I thought again, picked up a flower from the ground that had already been broken off, and tried for a more unique view. You know, if unique view can be defined as my dog's mouth open huge.
147. "Flower Power" - Take a picture of your dog with a flower. It can be one flower or a lot of flowers, real or artificial! - last day Apr 1

Don't worry, he didn't actually get the flower in his mouth for more than a half second, just long enough to catch and spit.

An additional photo of Pallo's Big Mouth is from our snow day on Thursday, when we received record breaking snow fall for March. And apparently, this made Pallo MAD.
  Mad Zombie Vampire Teeth
In reality, though, Pallo always looks like this when playing with Koira. Its kind of unnerving to look at pictures of him, because in real time, his huge snarling face isn't nearly as obvious.

Martha also did not want to be left out of Tasty Tuesday. True to form, she was so put out by the dogs getting all the treats during training time that I had to set aside some time to work with her as well. I wanted to get pictures of her in the snow. Instead, I ended up with pictures of Martha eating my hand while staying in the snow, because as soon as I took my hand (and the treat in it) away, she hopped out of the snow.

Martha eating my hand


  1. Wow! Pallo really is a big mouth isn't he! Ha!Ha! Love that picture of them in the snow!

  2. Great pictures, and great big mouth! In the snow, Koira seems to look a bit worried because of the MAD dog expression on Pallo's face ;-o. Kind regards, Karen @ personalized dog collars

  3. Look at that maw, holy smokes! It must be like living with a shark dog! ;)

  4. Found your blog through the comments on Maisy's blog (Reactive Champion), because Koira's name drew my attention. I love that your other flyball dog is called Pallo, made my day :)

  5. Good call Martha. I wouldn't sit in the snow if there was no treat in my mouth either ;0)

  6. That is an impressive mouth!
    Dachshund Nola

  7. I love your picture of the daffodil within Pallo's mouth!! It looks like he is trying to eat that flower!! Hee, hee, hee.... And that is quite the unique picture.... Of a BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE mixed breed!! ;op