Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daily Dog Update

Just a few of the Daily Dog Challenge pictures that haven't made it to the blog yet. Check them out over on Flickr for full descriptions.

The are all of Pallo. With Koira still on rest, she is either not allowed to come along when we go out for the day, or she is too amped up to get pictures of.

Seeing Red- Pallo on a fire hydrant. (Yeah, I know, its more orange than red. Not the point.)

119. "Seeing Red" - It's Monday again, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer from the blues. Take a picture with your dog that features some red and cheer up! - last day Mar 4
When I don't bring along treats or toys, but make Pallo do some hard work posing for me, I will let him play tug with his leash, which he LOVES. This is for "Leap Day", as Pallo was in the middle of leaping up to grab onto his leash. 121. "Leap Day" - It only happens every four years! Let's see your dog leaping or otherwise celebrating Leap Day in some way. Feel free to interpret it as you like! - last day Mar 6 This next one is for "swag" where we were supposed to show off some of our dog-related swag. This photo was my favorite, even though it only included one of my bumper stickers. It is my favorite though, saying "Real Women Train Flyball Dogs" 122. "Swag" - We all have some sort of dog swag -- a bumper sticker that says "My Greyhound is smarter than your honor student" or a stuffed dog that looks like one of or own. Take a picture of some of your dog swag today! - last day Mar 7 Next up is "Elements". Water was the most used one. Fire would have been fun, but hard to do. Wind is difficult to demonstrate with a short haired dog. So I decided to go with Earth, specifically, a stone wall we found on a walk. 123. "It's Elemental" - Show us your dog with one or more of the four natural elements today (air, fire, earth and water). Feel free to be creative and create an element if time or weather is working against you! - last day Mar 8 Theme for this next one was "Water". I decided that I didn't like my dogs being skittish of the bathtub and even the bathroom in general sometimes. So I put together a play session to make them more comfortable with it. Little did I realize that a single session of this would result in dogs jumping into the bathtub at the slightest evidence of a toy possibly appearing in the bathroom. 124. "Water, Water, Everywhere" - Take a photo of your dog that features water in some form today. - last day Mar 9 With this last picture's theme being "Pastel colors", I was super happy when me and Pallo came across this patch of flowers growing up a slope. I took a ton of pictures, many of which I like a lot, but thought this one best showed the theme. 125. "Pastel" - Take a picture with pastel colors today!- last day Mar 10


  1. I love your photos. That last one is SO expressive.

  2. Awesome! I love seeing your pictures in the daily challenges. I can't even imagine what I'd do for the pastel one, but yours is just gorgeous, and perfect. I love it.

  3. Beautiful! I love Pallo's nose
    Dachshund Nola

  4. What lovely pictures of a BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE mixed breed!! That last photo is definitely my favorite!! ;op

  5. Awesome pics! I love the water droplets!

  6. Love the Photos on this one! SO much action