Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rain, rain

We've been getting a ton of rain these past few days. Friday was bright and clear, and then the clouds rolled in for the weekend and don't seem to want to leave.

On Thursday, I took Pallo on a walk down the bike path and out to this little meadow off to the side, totally enclosed by trees. We played around a bit. Pallo was running full out, woofing as he went, just out of pure happiness. I of course had to get pictures of him doing so.

And of him rolling in the bright green grass, just because he is happy.

I love this crazy beast.
Then, a few hours later, I realized I lost my phone. Right as I was about to head out the door for flyball practice. And the last place I saw it was when I was talking with my dad, on the way to this field where Pallo was so happy.

With no time to look for my phone and still get to practice on time (and anyone who knows me knows flyball practice is simply not something you are late for), I decided to have a friend call it a few times that night to see if anyone would answer, and go to look for it in the morning. Quick flyball training update: Pallo is holding his ball all the way back to me for a full sized tug, even with another dog passing into him. I like to think he is also speeding up a bit, since he slowed down a lot when he had to remember to carry his ball. We are having to miss the upcoming flyball tournament this month due to a lack of passport, but hoping to get a chance to go to some tournaments soon.

First thing Friday morning, before heading up to Salem for Koira's swim therapy, I took Pallo back out to the field with me. My guess was the phone fell out of my pocket while I was playing with him and taking pictures. So I told Pallo to "find it" which is our normal cue for him to go find his lost toy. I'm pretty sure he finds his toys based on them smelling like me, because he will pick out the tennis ball I touched out of a bucket of balls. After bringing me a few sticks and being told no, go find it, and seeing me walking a grid up and down the field, Pallo started doing the same, sniffing all the while. Then he stopped, pawed something on the ground and looked at me. It was my phone.

We did a celebrate dance, then I had him find it a couple more times by tossing it a few feet away and telling him "find it" and throwing a party when he went and pawed the phone. I think I may need to train him to actually locate objects on purpose now.

(Oh, and my phone was none the worse for the wear of laying in an open field all night. It even still had a full battery charge.)

Short Koira update: Koira seems to be doing fine. I am starting up on-the-ball work with her again, doing two five minute sessions once or twice a day. We are also increasing the two ten minute walks per day to two or three fifteen minute walks per day. By using the ball work to focus on her core muscles, I hope to help her regain some of her lost muscle and tone. We will also be continuing with swimming whenever my work schedule allows us to get up to Salem.

Sorry for the lack of Koira pictures lately. With her restrictions, I am having a hard time getting pictures of her doing anything but laying around, and I only need so many pictures of my dog sleeping. Plus, she is so excited when out of the house now that her modeling skills have taken a nose dive. Hopefully with her increases in exercise I will be able to share some more exciting photos of her soon.


  1. Great shots of Pallo! He has such a happy face. I envy the green grass he's romping in!

  2. Hi Y'all,

    Yep, that "find" and knowing what the object is really comes in handy according to my Human.

    I know "take it", "hand it", "go get it" and "bring it" among other commands the Human finds useful.

    Great news on Koira. Pallo running pictures are priceless the way he lays flat out.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Awesome use of "find it"! I tried that when I lost my earring in the backyard, but Elka couldn't, unfortunately. She did try.

    Good boy, Pallo!

  4. I love your first picture of Pallo.... When running, he looks like a pointy-eared dog!! Pallo certainly appears to be enjoying himself!! ;op
    I am glad that Koira seems better.... But you can never have too many pictures of sleeping dogs!! ;-}
    Pallo found your phone? What a good boy.... And a neat "game"!! ;)

  5. awesome photos, and even more awesome that he found your phone! what a useful game!!

  6. Great use of find it!
    Dachshund Nola

  7. So glad you found your phone! When I get a dog, I should train him to find my phone, maybe even my keys! haha

  8. What a joyful photo shoot of Pallo. It just makes us all happy here, looking at them.