Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flyball pictures

I handed off my camera to a team mate at practice on Thursday and he managed to get a couple good pictures of Pallo on the box. We also found out that Pallo doesn't really mind the flash on right in his face, he is too focused on doing his job.

And no one said flyball was elegant. Huge amounts of spit are permitted.

This is Zip, a Tervuren on our team. She gets super excited about flyball, and is a barking, slobbering maniac with a high-pitched, ear-shattering yodel of happiness. I think she looks kind of like the saber toothed squirrel from Ice Age when she peels back her lips and nose to get a really nice, loud bark going on.

Pallo is doing good with flyball. He is holding on to his ball the whole way back, and we are working on having him do this even with another dog passing into him. He has dropped early (not before the line early, but before I want him to early) a couple times, but it takes only a simple reminder that no ball means no tug and he remembers to hold the ball the whole way.

134. "Where, oh where has my little dog gone?" - What has your dog been up to today? Has he been somewhere? Did he curl up in his favorite hiding spot? Show us with a photo! - last day Mar 19
This is what Pallo looks like after running flyball- tired, tongue out, hot, glassy eyed.

 Koira is still not doing flyball while she rebuilds some more muscle. I do bring her along, though, and bring her in to the building for obedience practice after we finish cleaning up from flyball. I am not doing anything super serious with her, just working on her giving me her full attention, doing some sit-walk-arounds and down-walk-arounds, as well as doing long sit and long down practice (we are doing 1 and 3 respectively with those). She still breaks her stays some, but more just by shifting position than anything else. We're working on it.

And, one out take from my St. Patrick's Day photo session.

Canon 5976

Martha wasn't too sure about wearing the hat for pictures, so I had to so some click-and-treating with her to get her used to it (I use the camera shutter as the click for this type of training). Once she realized that she got treats for leaving the hat alone, the rest of the session was about as easy as you can expect any cat photo session to be. The picture, by the way, is of her getting her treat, not biting me.


  1. Great pictures!

    I would never have thought of using the camera shutter for the click, that was ingenious!

  2. Wonderful pictures. I just realized that I don't really know anything about flyball...the box thing was new to me. Maybe sometime in a post, you can do a 'Flyball for Dummies'.


  3. OMG! What great pictures! Your right Zip does look like the squirrel from Ice Age! LOL!