Thursday, March 22, 2012

Koira Update and Pictures

There has been a sad lack of Koira pictures on the blog as of late, which has also been the case in the Daily Dog Challenge photos as well. Pallo has been my prime poser for pictures, the one who gets to run around and do stuff, and the one who has run around enough that he can sit still and pose instead of bouncing off the walls completely.

Koira likes to sleep on her back. She often starts out curled up, or on her side, and then somehow morphs into this. We call this the "dying cockroach" position.
143. "Simple" - Take a photo of your dog with a simple composition today. Don't overthink it! - last day Mar 28

I found this big open field on the way to flyball practice and just had to stop for a few pictures. I took some with Pallo as well, but Koira's striking coloring just really made the photo pop.
139. "Leading Lines" - Take a photo with some kind of leading lines today. They can be natural or created. - last day Mar 24

Koira, of course, needed her close up in the snow today as well. We had about 6 inches of snow pile up here, which is officially the highest snow fall on record for the month of March in my area, and the highest snow fall since the 60s for ANY time of the year.
Koira in the snow

Every so often, I look at the stats about who visits this blog and how they find it. "Dog Teeth" is one of the major search terms that lead people to my blog. So, I figured I should oblige my readers and post some more dog teeth. After all, Koira was willing to open wide for a photo op. This is my four-year-old dog's mouth. She has never had a dental of any kind. (Don't worry, "Cow Butts" is still one of the top draws to the blog. I plan on finding some local farms this spring to bring my readers more of what they want.)
Koira's Huge Mouth

And of course a Koira with her shadow picture. I actually did let Koira romp in the snow some today, because, well, it is the highest snow fall in a huge long time and my dogs love snow. Plus, she has been doing really good, building up muscle, and having no limping, so it is time to increase her activity anyway. She is doing fine tonight after her extra exercise today, so hopefully we can keep increasing her gradually until she is in race-shape again.
Koira and Pallo in the snow


  1. Awww Skye sleeps that way too! I can't believe you got all that snow! We've had record lows this year, and it was 85 and sunny yesterday. Talk about weird...

  2. The picture of Koira sleeping is awesome, I love it. And glad you are going to give us some cow butts... that is definitely why I keep coming back :-)

  3. These photos are brilliant.

  4. Welcome back to this blog, Koira!! ;-}
    Yeah, we have had snow around here, as well, but not quite that much!! Today, however there is a welcome Spring sunshine!! ;-D
    Your "dog teeth" picture makes me really see the Pit Bull in Koira!! I love it!! She is a Pit Bull.... Right? ;op

  5. I think Koira is absolutely beautiful so I loved all these pictures. Dog teeth, how funny! I haven't had my blog that long/don't even really know what I'm doing half the time and saw a recent draw to my blog was "big stretched ears girl." I'm sure whoever searched that was pretty disappointed!

  6. Koira is beautiful in those shots! Both Fred and Gloria sleep like that!! LOL!

  7. What pretty pictures of a striking dog!

  8. I LOVE the second photo! Amazing contrast! Her teeth are lovely, how often do you brush them? Nola's get done every night, and aside from impacted puppy teeth no dental problems
    Dachshund Nola's Mommy

  9. I don't actually brush my dogs' teeth at all, ever. These teeth are kept clean thanks to a diet of whole chunks of meat and edible bone in the form of a prey model raw diet.

  10. Aw, those are great pictures! Your dogs are gorgeous!

  11. I couldn't stop looking at the photo of pretty koira in the field.


  12. Found you on the blog hop ... what pretty pups! We play dog sports too :)

  13. Wow Koira - how big is your mouth? You sure know how to pose for the camera!! :)

    It's great to see you on the Blog Hop :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)