Sunday, October 2, 2011

Menu planning Monday

I've been wanting to try making a pot pie in the toaster oven lately. However, I don't have any potatoes and have decided I seriously need to clean out the cupboards a bit before I do any more grocery shopping. So, I was super excited to find this Lentil and Squash Pot Pie Recipe.I have some acorn squash I still need to use, and I know I have a bag of lentils buried in the cupboard somewhere. Plus, I have puff pastry in the freezer, just waiting for something to use it on, so that will be used as the crust/topping. Probably I will end up tossing in some bok choy (because I have it) for some extra greens in it as well.

Apples in the dehydrator. 
My goal is to have a full gallon of dried apples before the end of the season.

As for the rest of my meal plan for the week, I have a few dishes I am planning on, and the rest of it I figure I can scrounge something up...

Lunch/Dinner: Pad Thai (with rice noodles, seasoning, cashews, variety of veggies, possibly with chicken if I find some in the freezer); Pulled pork sandwiches (w/ buns I picked up last week for the single hamburger I made for myself after pulling ground beef out of the freezer instead of chicken); Grilled cheese w/ baked beans; Pot Pie!

And of course, I cook enough for 2-3 servings of each dish every time I cook, giving me leftovers for 1-2 meals later in the week. When you live alone, it is really hard to cook a dish small enough for a single serving, so this is my compromise. Plus, makes for less overall time spent cooking. (I enjoy cooking, but there is only so long I can stand to argue with my hotplate and toaster oven.)

Breakfast: Toasted PB&J; Toast w/ apple butter (I will probably make another batch of apple butter this week as well); Eggs, bok choy, and sausage served up on a bagel thin; Cereal w/ berries

I have various types of cereal, all of which seem to have less than one serving left in the box. So, hopefully I'll clear out that part of the cupboard and make some room.

On the menu for the beasts this week:

Chicken quarters (the cat gets only a leg or a thigh, not a full quarter)- Monday, Thursday
Beef scrap- Wednesday, Friday, Sat/Sun
Goat liver- Tuesday

They will probably also get a pig kidney or two thrown in at some point this week, and may or may not end up with more chicken than that, depending on how they do with so little bone and the organs meals.

And, as always, for more meal planning ideas, check out StoneGable and I'm an Organizing Junkie.


  1. wow! sounds interesting Woof, I really love your menu, I hope you will enjoy it and keep it up, I will watch the dried apples until the end of season. :)

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  2. Ugh. I am such a failure at meal planning. As I sit here I am angsting over what to make for dinner tonight. It might end up being cereal again. :-P

    I would love to look into cooking my dog homemade meals as I know it is probably cheaper and healthier but I have no clue where to begin. Raw isn't an option as we don't have a deep freeze, and she has an intolerance of red meat, apparently. So that may makie it tricky. If you have any advice, I'd appreciate it!

  3. Looks like a pretty tasty week. I like apple butter on toast for breakfast too.

    I so want a dehydrator! It's on my wish list, and I think I've talked about wanting one long enough for my hubby to get the hint what I want for Christmas. :)

    Have a great week!

  4. Lentil and Squash Pot Pie? Sounds delish! How did it turn out??