Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lure Coursing Videos

Koira ran her first CAT (Coursing Ability Test) this morning. She left the lure, but when I re-sent her to it, she picked it back up, and still managed to come in under the time limit, giving her a Q. She did the same thing for her second CAT, again, earning a Q, but not very prettily. I only got the first one on video, and the camera didn't care much for the fog. We have one more CAT Q to go to achieve a Coursing Ability (CA) title.

Pallo ran the CAT 1 and CAT 2 steadily and solidly, bringing home two Q's to be proud of. Even with those short legs, he did great.

Pallo did get a bit tired toward the end of his runs, especially CAT 2. But he showed his drive and game good. One more Q to his CA title!

*For the CAT, dogs over 12 inches at the shoulder must run a 600 yard course, while dogs shorter than 12 inches run 300 yards. The time limit for 600 yards is 3 minutes.


  1. Gee, they're quite long courses, aren't they? Or maybe it's because Koira's and Pallo's legs are shorter than Beryl's! I'd have to work on her fitness for her to go around twice I think. Great effort from your guys. Love some of the background noises in the videos:)

  2. Yes that looks a very long way to run, looks a nice spot for a day out :-)

  3. So cool to see them at top speed! Koira did a great job redirecting after she lost the lure -- I can't say that Elli would understand if I tried to send her back to it!

    Lol that last video was funny -- someone got a bee in their face lol.

  4. Very cool! Sounds like a challenging (and tiring!) sport. I wonder if Koly would be into it...

  5. Oh I so want to try this with Steve. I hope that somebody will hold a test somewhere near here.

    That wasn't a Staffy named Tess yodeling in the background of Pallo's CAT 1 video was it? LOL

  6. That yodeling most definitely was from a Staffy named Tess. I'm thinking you have some familiarity with them?

    I bet any of your dogs would love this sport. Steve would probably go bonkers for it. Hopefully they start offering tests around you. I figure CATs are only going to get more popular as time goes on.

  7. LOL That's so funny. Small world!

    There's a lady who offers occasional all-breed casual coursing but I always find out about it, like, the day before and already have plans. She did one as a fund-raiser for her kid's lacrosse team recently- what a cool idea!