Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello, Friday

How nice of you to join us.

The sun was out, the clouds were reduced to nice little fluffy white bits in the sky, and overall, the day was amazing. So I took the dogs out for a 3 hour walk at the park.

Safe to say, I think they had fun.

Or at least, they had fun until a random dog ran up and bit Koira in the side, leaving her with a bleeding hole. It looked worse at first than it turned out to be, and despite being in what seemed like a horrible place (the strip of skin between her rib cage and her back leg), it closed up okay overnight, relieving my worry that it would require stitches. Koira is now on antibiotics twice a day, since it was a dog bite (prone to infection) and was red and puffy the next morning. Luckily, she doesn't mind at all.

Raw feeding tip: Instead of using Pill Pockets brand treats to hide medications in (which contain wheat, corn, and all sorts of other nasties), chicken hearts are a perfect raw feeding pocket for meds. In fact, they are just the right size to cover most medications, including Koira's antibiotics, and she happily will slurp down a fresh chicken heart in no time. Just pick up a chicken heart, insert pill, feed to dog. (Note, insert it straight into the top of the heart, not into the large vessel, which will rip open.)

ETA: The other dog ran up, bit Koira. Koira yelped, ran to me (big baby, right?). The other dog returned to its owners. I leashed up both of my dogs (this was at an off-leash area of a park), walked over, and told them what happened. The owner was very nice about it, baffled at the dog's behavior, and paid for Koira's vet bill.

In any case, the park even provided a chance for a photo shoot I have been meaning to try: Dog silhouettes. I plan on trying some more, but here are the two best ones I got (of course the camera battery was dying at this point).

I like the way, in the second one, the sunlight picked out Pallo's fur, giving him a really nice partial outline. But I think I need to find a better place to try this next time, as the grasses and high horizon made these pictures not quite what I was looking for.

Anyone else have a list going of photo set-ups you really want to try out?

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  1. How awful! What happened to the dog that bite her? Love your header picture! Really pops out!

  2. Hi Y'all,

    So sorry about Koira's bite wound.

    Love the pictures you took and the silhouettes are spectacular.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Sorry about your day at the dog park. Glad that it was resolved and Koira is okay.
    Love your latest pictures....kickin' it up a notch!

    Wyatt and Mom

  4. What a shame that happened to Koira. At least the other dog's owner behaved appropriately. It's still an awful incident for everyone concerned.

    Wow, a park you can stay in for 3 hours, we're so envious! Love the lake photos and your silhouettes are great. Do you follow Shutterhounds? His latest post has some stunning sunrise at the beach silhouettes.

  5. Hope Koira is OK, its a shame when someting like that spoils an otherwise great day :-(

  6. Even in the dog world, there are bullies...sigh...but I'm glad your pet is doing okay...she's a toughie...glad to drop by here via Saturday Pet Blogger Hop:)

  7. I'm glad the other dogs' owners were nice about it- and that Koira is doing fine. Also, I love the silhouettes!

  8. Yikes! I'm glad that Koira is ok. That' so scary :(

  9. How strange that the dog just ran up and bit her out of the blue. The owners sound like they were nice enough though. Hope she's all better soon!

  10. I agree--I like the second photo better. That was the weirdest bite incident I've ever heard of. Recently I went to a talk given by a trainer for those of us working to build a dog park in Kirkland. We talked about behavior clues dogs give off but there wasn't anything about one dog not even looking at the other and still getting bitten!
    Thanks for the heads-up about the short story. I'm looking it up.

  11. Did you bring Koira to the veterinarian? I’m sorry to hear about her bite wounds. You’re lucky you didn’t encounter that crazy dog.

  12. Yes, Koira went to the vet. The bite wasn't that deep, but it was in a funny spot, so no stitches. She did a course of antibiotics though. All she has to show for it now is a tiny little scar.