Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Planning Monday, and Lure Coursing photos

Another week, another menu plan. I find that I am getting better about eating planned meals rather than staring at the cupboards wondering what there is to eat, or lamenting that there is no food (despite the totally full cupboard). Not every meal I plan on gets made every week, and sometimes I change it up and make something different, either because of time, cravings, or not having the ingredients I thought I had.

This week's meal plans:

Breakfast: Cream cheese squares (made with Pumpkin Cream Cheese), That same pumpkin cream cheese on some English Muffins, Apple cinnamon muffins, apple cinnamon pancakes (trick is it is the same exact mix, only one gets baked in a muffin tin while the other gets poured in a pan), Toast w/ apple butter (because I am still not sick of it)

Cream cheese squares:

Dinner: Rice w/ peas and Parmesan cheese (it rhymes, and is super cheap and easy to make), Cheesy Zucchini bake, Apple Butter Meatballs, Grilled cheese and baked beans

As per usual, lunch is normally dinner or breakfast leftovers, or I'll make a dinner dish at lunch time and have leftovers for dinner.

A few lure coursing pictures

Getting ready to let Pallo loose

Pallo loves lure coursing

Koira loves it too, but is so fast she is super hard to get pictures of her

This is after her run. She went to the lure, ripped the bag off, then ran back to me with it.

The Week's Menu of Raw Feeding for the Dogs and Cat:

Monday: Deer bones, beef scrap (to meat out the otherwise bone-heavy meal)
Tuesday: Pork kidney, spleen
Wednesday: Beef scrap (frozen in a Kong to make it more difficult and stimulating to eat)
Thursday: Chicken quarters
Friday: Pork roast
Saturday: Beef scrap
Sunday: Deer bones, beef scrap (or organs)

I got a bag of deer bones for free this week, from a person who knows a person who butchers deer for his friends. The bones still have a bit of meat on them, tendons, connective tissues, and more, all of which is great mental and physical workouts to eat and is a great natural source of glucosamine for the dogs. However, I need to add beef scrap and feed boneless meals before and afterwards, otherwise it is way too much bone. Even so, I only have about two weeks worth of deer bones at the most, so hoping I'll be able to get some more, maybe even some meatier ones like necks!

As usual, for more recipe and meal planning ideas, please visit I'm an Organizing Junkie and StoneGable.


  1. I like the look of the pumpkin cream cheese recipe but we just don't get canned pumpkin in NZ:( I wonder if I cooked up pumpkin and made it into a pulp would it be the same?

    Do you do any zig zag lure courses? Great photos of Pallo and Koira:)

  2. How odd that you guys don't have canned pumpkin. I guess its like how Estonia has no peanut butter?

    In any case, cooking up a pumpkin in the same way you would prep it for a pumpkin pie filling would work great for this recipe!

    And, we do straight, zig-zag, straight in practices (three separate runs). Sometimes we don't do zig-zags at all though, because you don't want to teach the dog to anticipate the turns, you want them following the lure.

  3. Deer bones? LUCKY PUPS! We're a little spoiled this week to. Everyone we know saved their Turkey necks for Koly & Fe. It's going to be a yummy few days for them!

  4. Woof! Woof! Lots of Golden Thanks for your blogversary wishes. Delighted to be bloggie friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    Oh! What great meal menu for the week. You can add this url post to our Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop. Golden Woofs

  5. Lure coursing looks like such a blast. I've only ever seen it in photos but I'd love to give it a try some day. Pallo's expression is awesome!

    Thanks for the square recipe. Those sound amazing!

  6. Looks like they enjoyed being sighthounds for a day! :-)

  7. The cream cheese square looks amazing! the Pallo looks like they had a ball! Thanks for joining in the discussion today!

  8. You are a very dedicated and creative dog guardian! Those are some great ideas for incorporating raw foods into dog eats.

  9. Those cream cheese squares look VERY interesting, looking forward to you sharing the recipe I hope.

    I wasn't familiar with dog coursing, it provided some interesting reading when I looked it up.