Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Dogsters Ice Cream Treats for Dogs

Update: Winner has been drawn and contacted!

This summer has been blazing hot and horribly dry. The weather has brought everything from horrible disasters like the terrible wildfires spreading across Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska to the small discomforts of hot dogs and no air conditioning to cool off.

We've been using our pool and the river to cool down. When Dogster's asked if we would be interested in trying out some of their ice cream for dogs, and hosting a giveaway for our fans, we jumped on it. Anything to help stay cool, right?

Dogsters Review-1976
So tempting

Dogsters comes in two different flavors, Nutly Peanut Butter and Cheese, and Mintë Kissably Fresh. They are made in the USA and have eight ingredients each, by my count. An interesting and awesome thing about their packaging is that they also have a braille accessible label for the visually impaired. It isn't something that I need, but I can really appreciate a company taking an extra step to make their product more easily accessible.

Dogsters Review-1953
These remind me of those little ice cream cups they gave you at school, with the wooden stick to use as a spoon.

Also, since this is a frozen item that you purchase already frozen, it is awesome that they are available alongside the frozen novelties in grocery stores across the country. Which makes it easy to run to the store for some ice cream for the humans, and a frozen treat for the dogs, all at once.

Dogsters Review-1972

And my dogs were fans. It took a tiny bit of encouragement when I told them to take it, I think because as a frozen item it doesn't have a super strong smell, but once they took a first lick, both of my dogs loved it. Pallo kept trying to steal the whole thing from me because he thought he could enjoy it better on his own.

I did end up sending him outside with it to enjoy, and he licked the entire container clean without trying to eat the container. If you have dogs who might be prone to eating non-food items like the container these come in, I'd just pop it out and into a dish for them, though it might not last as long since they could pick it up and chomp instead of just licking.

Dogsters Review-2029
Lickably delicious and cooling on a hot day.

Both Koira and Pallo tried these. Koira tried the mint flavor, and Pallo tried the peanut butter. I didn't smell these things at all until I stuck my nose right down on top of them, which makes it a nice treat to give your dogs if you have a sensitive nose.

And the best news is that Dogsters sent me two cute collapsible bowls and two vouchers for a free product to give away to one of my awesome readers.

Dogsters Review-2035
You can win the two vouchers and the two nifty collapsible bowls by entering below!

Just use the Rafflecopter widget to enter by commenting on this post. You can get bonus entries by visiting our facebook page, and Dogster on facebook as well. Winners will be announced on Sept 1st, and will have 1 week to contact me with a shipping address. Sorry, only open to people with a shipping address in the US.

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  1. Yummy!! My pups love frozen yogurt, I think peanutbutter would be the favorite flavor!

  2. I had the pleasure of helping MyGBGVLife taste test their samples of Dogster Ice Cream treats and the peanut butter and cheese one was delicious!!! Hope to win so I could try the Mint flavor!!! :)

  3. Those look awesome! My dogs love ice cream!

  4. These look very tasty! Beautiful photos as well!

  5. I think my dog would love the peanut butter flavor.

  6. I think Bugsy would love the PB, Thimble might like the mint. They both love frozen goodies, especially in the summer.