Saturday, August 22, 2015


Happy Caturday!

Temptations Chewy Review-2036

This month, sent us an awesome product, or should I say products, to review. Temptations has come out with an interactive treat dispensing toy called the Snacky Mouse just for cats. (The Snacky Mouse is on sale for $5.95 right now.) To review the treat dispenser, we were also sent a bag of the new flavor of Temptations Mixups Catnip treats (on sale for $3.89) as well.

Temptations Chewy Review-2037

So I set up, took the pictures of the products in the package, then opened up both to set up a photo of just the mouse dispenser. And Theodore Trex apparently heard the bag of treats being opened and knew it was meant for him, because he invited himself into the photoshoot.

Temptations Chewy Review-2038

That is quite literally the photo of his first sniff of this treat dispenser.

Temptations Chewy Review-2040

A couple more sniffs, then he added in a gentle nudge. Because cats, when in doubt, head bump. Or at least my cat does.

Temptations Chewy Review-2042

And then he seriously got the hang of it. He figured out that the more he bumped it, the more treats fell out.

Temptations Chewy Review-2045

I think it is fairly obvious from the pictures that he not only got the hang of the treat dispenser pretty quickly, but that he also enjoyed the treats.

Temptations Chewy Review-2047

The little mouse dispenser has three holes in it, on all sides of the mouse. The treats can come out of any of the holes, making things a little random.

Temptations Chewy Review-2049

You can see here how Theo nudged the mousie out of the way to eat a treat he had knocked out, and a treat is coming out of one of the back holes as well.

Temptations Chewy Review-2055

After spending a good bit of time just nudging the mousie around with his nose and head, the level of treats got lower, and things got a little harder.

Temptations Chewy Review-2059

Theodore quickly figured out that adding in some paw action made things pick back up and provided plenty of treats.

Temptations Chewy Review-2057

Overall, both this toy and these treats were big hits. I may start even feeding Theodore Trex his normal kibbles out of this dispenser to give him more of a workout, and just add some treats in it when I need him out of my way for a little bit. The treats work great in the dispenser, but obviously are best used as treats in addition to normal feeding.

You can grab this treat dispenser and these treats on Since orders over $49 ship for free, and ship quickly, it is super simple to just add these onto your normal order of cat or dog food and treats.

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  1. That toy looks awesome! I love the pictures! I bet Lilly would love it! She's so bad. She stole the dog's kibble container (pretty solid tupperware) and chewed holes all around where the lid was attached trying to open it. I think she'd actually use a puzzle toy like that. I'm going to have to get one.

  2. Very fun! And I love the pictures!!