Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beach Trip

Two weeks ago, I got food poisoning. Or the flu. Or something. Whatever it was, it was totally miserable. I ran a fever for close to two days, and ran to the bathroom a ton. I got sick just after getting home from work Wednesday afternoon. By Friday, my fever was gone but my energy was as well, and my digestion was not thrilled with me.

I spent the day Saturday at my mom's house as there is a big local festival in the town I grew up in. I ate nothing but a big bottle of goat milk kefir. My stomach didn't complain too much, and though it wasn't anywhere near my ideal food for an entire day, when I woke up Sunday morning, I was feeling worlds better. Better enough to eat a piece of the blackberry pie I'd missed out on the day before for breakfast.

And then because I am bad at being sick and taking care of myself, I met up with a friend and her dogs at the beach.

Aug 16th with Nico-1889
Jazz and Flynn

I brought both Pallo and Koira along, and my friend had her border collie/aussie Jazz and her new puppy Flynn (border collie/papillon). Koira and Jazz took an immediate dislike to each other, so we took a few trips down the stairs to the beach to walk each group separately.

Aug 16th with Nico-1903
Flynn trying to steal the ball from Pallo

Pallo thought the puppy was kind of annoying, but also really wanted to get him to play. Flynn thought Pallo and all his corgi talk was a little too intimidating. They did do a little bit of romping together, though.

Aug 16th with Nico-1893
Pallo sad because Jazz got the ball first

And Pallo and Jazz just pretty much ignored each other. Jazz loves chasing the seagulls while at the beach, and anytime we didn't have the ball out to play, Jazz was off looking for or chasing birds.

Then we tossed Pallo and Jazz back in the cars and took Koira and Flynn for a second walk down the beach. Koira didn't really care about Flynn in the least, and Flynn didn't really care about Koira either.

Aug 16th with Nico-1905
Flynn doing something. No idea.

So much so, actually, that I have no photos of them together at all. Flynn did keep finding sticks on the beach, and Koira kept stealing them from him.

Aug 16th with Nico-1924
Koira's favorite thing at the beach. Driftwood sticks to chew on. 

And there was a really adorable moment when Koira got the zoomies big time. (Can I just say that I love that she still gets the full on, butt-tucking zoomies at 7.5 years old?) She was zooming back and forth and around us humans, and through a big puddle of seawater left as the tide went out, back and forth and around, over and over, at absolute top speed, with her butt fully tucked in, big grin on her face, and ears flying. But she zoomed too close to Flynn and sent a giant wave of water over him, soaking him and freaking him out a little. He wasn't the biggest fan of the water to start with.

Overall, my stomach held out, my energy level was low but let me do stuff, and it was a great day. We even stopped at Mo's for some clam chowder before heading back into the valley.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip to the beach :) Wish we could have been there with you and where glad to hear your human is feeling better. Milo & Jet

  2. Glad you're feeling better, love the pics!

  3. Looks like you had fun despite not feeling great and you sure got some nice pictures.

  4. My Wilson at a bit past 12 still gets the zoomies on a cool day! It is a delight to see!

    Despite being on the other side of the country, I too had that illness. I am pretty sure it was a bug of some kind. You described it to a T! It took several days to get my appetite back.

    1. Oh I hope Koira still zooms at 12!

  5. Beaches are such fun! Maybe the sea air cured you!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Looks like such a nice day. I went to the beach last weekend with my pups. Such a fun time.