Saturday, October 19, 2013

Off to Flyball

Once again, me and the dogs are off to a flyball tournament. I seriously love the summer and fall when we have so many tournaments. There isn't an official "off season" for flyball like there is in football or that kind of sport. But it does seem like there is a big dry spell with no or very few tournaments for months on end every winter and spring.


While we're off running our tails off in Washington this weekend, I want you to enjoy a few fall photos of the dogs. I know I've shared about a million pictures of my dogs with the fall colors this year so far, but I can't resist. The colors this year are amazing, the weather is gorgeous, and I have always, in previous years, regretted putting off taking the fall pictures.


It might even be a bit counterintuitive to someone who doesn't live in Oregon, but I am also enjoying the return of the green. Over the summer, Oregon tends to dry out and get brown. When the fall rains come, but before the hard freezes, everything gets plenty of water and sun, and greens up again. So it is very typical for us to have orange and red fall foliage with a background of brilliant green grass. It is just another thing to love about living in Oregon.



  1. I keep wanting more fall pictures of my dog! So please keep sharing the pictures of yours.

  2. Fall colors do go perfect with them. Love the old car!