Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Slow week

It is a slow week in bloggable material for me. I've been working way too much, and the dogs have been staying at home way too much. Koira is bored and shredding things, so is back to being crated when I'm not home. She has also developed a taste for chocolate protein shakes, which she steals and sucks dry whenever she gets the chance. I keep moving them, thinking they are out of her reach and then she still manages to get at them. Silly dog beast.

The dogs are, of course, still getting to go out and run at the park. I am just not getting pictures of them. I did watch another photography seminar on Creative Live (or, well, most of one, between job times). I also decided to change the blog name. It has always seemed long and clunky to have My Life With Flyball Dogs. Sure, it is descriptive. But, not very sleek and cool. So, hope everyone likes the new name. And that you can still tell it is us! I kept the URL the same and have no plans on changing it. Hopefully that keeps down some of the confusion.

Oh, and the new kitten totally has a name. Sorry I forgot to announce it on the blog! I did announce it on Facebook, but for those of you who don't follow us over there, the kitten's new official name is: Theodore Trex. He is still tiny and adorable, and his legs are much shorter looking in person than they come across in photos. Right now, our main training goal is to teach a good recall so he can spend time out in the yard with the rest of us.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to get some pictures and writable blog material soon!


  1. "So Fly" is so fly...Love it!

  2. Oh man, I loooooooovvveeee 'So Fly'!!!!!!

  3. I love the name change! Also, I love the kitty. WE've been talking about new kitties at Casa de Kolchak, but so far...no luck.

  4. The new blog title is perfect! I understand about slow blog weeks. :)

  5. I dog the name change!

    There are sometimes I get to post time and go "oh....pictures. Hmmmm....."

  6. Love the new blog title and picture and kitty name! Oddly my cats picked up recall a lot faster than the dogs:/