Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest Challenge with Megan (The Remodeled Life)Katie (Bower Power)Sherry (Young House Love) and Michelle (Decor and the Dog).

These four bloggers issued a pinterest challenge. To take a break from pinning and actually create something that you pinned. I thought that sounded like an excellent idea and decided to do not one, but two projects I had been thinking about for a while. 

The first one is a dog gear hanging rack and organizer. Seriously, do you have any idea how many dog collars, leashes, and harnesses I own? Yeah, way too many. In any case, I took inspiration from any number of pins for this. Most of them being those oh-so-amazing pet friendly homes that my house will never ever look anything like. I'm supposed to link up to the specific pin and the source website, but frankly, this one was simply Pinterest inspired, rather than from a single pin. In any case, I bring you my new leash/collar/harness organizer.

There are actually two more of the loops for collars on either side of this, making it a good bit longer. I just apparently didn't get those in any of the pictures.


And yes, I have way more collars, leashes, and harnesses to add to it. We'll see if it manages to stay on the wall once it gets loaded down. I honestly sort of doubt it, but we'll hope!

Making this was pretty simple. I went down to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore yesterday after work. I picked up one bag of silver knobs for $1, a bag of blue pulls for $2, a long narrow chunk of cedar planking for $1, and a can of spray paint for $2.60. Then I went home, sanded the splinters off the board, and used hot glue to attach the knobs and pulls. Once attached, I put the whole thing outside on some newspapers and spray painted it. Waiting for the paint to dry was the most time consuming part.


Then I attached it to the wall (using wall stickers from the Dollar Tree, plus some hot glue after it fell down twice). I also added a neat Ooh La La sign that I thought was awesome and picked up from Goodwill forever ago, and which has been sitting leaning up against a wall where no one could see it ever since then.

Bam. Done.

The second project I wanted to do has nothing to do with dogs. But it is pretty awesome. I have been lusting over the tablet cover in this pin for a while. The tutorial for it can be found here. So, totally ignoring the instructions, I picked up a cheap book, some scrap booking paper, and some elastic, then went to town. Some parts of it turned out not quite like I wanted (and I ran out of the ribbon lining and need to go grab more before it is officially finished), but over all, I would call this project a success. Enough of one that I decided to make two of them!






What I apparently didn't get in the pictures is that the scrapbook paper lining the white book is a shining brown with paw prints in different shades of brown and blue, all glittery and awesome. I did add the paw print stamped on the cover of the white book as well, to give it just a little something extra. 

Have you been getting any of your Pinterest projects done?


  1. Great projects! The dog leash one is quite practical!!

  2. Very nice! The collar/leash/harness rack is a great idea! I store all of that stuff in a large plastic tub and have to root through everything to find stuff.

    Susan and Wrigs

  3. So far, I've stayed off of Pinterest. I just can't handle another time-suck ;-) I used to say that about FaceBook but succumbed, so I am still holding out against Pinterest.

  4. These are great! The hooks are perfect for storing those things and the tablet cover is genius!

  5. Most of my pins are food or garden related. My fave was making a little terrarium from moss rocks and lichen gathered from the woods, and a jar picked up from Goodwill for $2.

    Pinning is fun, but actually making stuff is much more satisfying.