Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mischief Monday: Tater

A flyball friend of mine has many dogs. One of her dogs is Tater, who is accused of being even more adorable than Pallo. And possibly even more tug crazy. What do you guys think?

These pictures are of Tater last year when we did the Nike Hoops Summit halftime show with my friend's team.

Here is Tater looking cute.
Canon 8950

Here is a still shot of Tater tugging
Canon 9026

And here is a recent video of Tater while "relaxing" between runs at agility practice.

What do you think? Is it possibly he is cuter and more tug crazy than my Mr. Pallo?

PS: I decided to update the name of the blog to So Fly. I don't plan on changing the URL or anything else, however. I have always felt my blog title was a bit long and wordy, so thought I would change it up. So Fly just seems so short and snappy, and yet so very descriptive all at the same time. We'll still be the same kind of awesomeness in the same place!

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    I love the new header and name. Very sharp.