Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh Joy... Or not

Today is one of those days that I would very much like a do over. First thing this morning, I checked on Koira's lip. It was swollen and sort of red as of yesterday morning, and I was hoping it would have gotten a bit better by today. I gave her some benadryl and iced it a little before going to bed. Unfortunately, it appears to be just as bad.


I worked this morning, then headed over to the Friends of the Library book sale at the fairgrounds when I got off work. It was super sunny and clear out, so I didn't spend long there because I wanted to get home and take the dogs out.

Leaving the fairgrounds parking lot, someone backed into my car. It was hard enough to crack the bumper, and my shoulder has been hurting a good bit since then, but overall I am okay, and the dogs were not along thankfully. After getting the other driver's insurance information, I headed home to take the dogs out.

The park was great and sunny, but it meant there were a lot of other people out with their dogs. Most of the people and dogs are regulars at the park, so we knew most of them. This isn't a dog park, but rather, a large park with sports fields, trails through the woods, and picnic areas, most of which allows dogs to be off leash this time of year. It is popular with dog owners around here, and has way fewer issues than designated fenced dog parks. Unfortunately, on our way back to the car after an hour of playing, Koira got bit by another dog. I am pretty sure what happened is that Koira and the other dog were chasing the same ball and the other dog bit Koira's rear leg to get to the ball faster. They were a good distance away across the field, and all I saw was a short spat, and then Koira came back to me when I called her. We went on our way, but noticed a little while later that Koira had been bit. She wasn't limping or giving any other indication of being hurt though.



So, we are basically okay. But, we could certainly be better. I wouldn't mind a do over for the day!


  1. I wish you could have a do-over too. It looks like you are gonna need stitches for the dog and an auto mechanic for the car let alone the chiropractor for your neck.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Bert adn My Vickie

  2. So sorry about your day! I think we've all had days like that where you just wish you'd stayed in bed and pulled the covers over your head.

    Could Koira's lip condition be lip fold dermatitis? Those are some nasty looking bite wounds, too. Poor Koira!

    I hope your shoulder is okay and that your car can be easily repaired.

    Tomorrow has to be a better day!

    Susan and Wrigs

  3. Oh no poor thing! That looks like a nasty bite... I wish both you and Koira a fast recovery!

  4. Yikes. That dog took a chunk outta Koira huh. Hope you and she feel better very soon!

  5. I hope you and Koira heal up quickly. Hopefully you got all the bad stuff out in one day.

  6. That sucks! I hope Koira heals quick in both places:)

  7. Wow, what a terrible day. That bite looks bad. Poor Koira.

  8. That looks like a nasty bite. Poor girl. I hope she and you feel better soon. Some weekends would be best left unhappened.

  9. Oh what an awful day. Hope Koira is doing okay with everything and that your car gets fix without a problem.

  10. Ooooh...that is a yucky day! Sorry so many things went bad :-(

  11. Omigoodness! Poor baby. Have you tried Neosporin? It's always worked beautifully on my dogs, speeding the healing process.

  12. Oh, that is a very bad day. I hope your pup is feeling okay.

    This is not the fun kind of mischief at all!

    Hope your week improves!

  13. You did have a rough day, so sorry.
    That looks like a pretty decent bite Koira got, hope she is doing ok and isn't too sore, and the same for you and your shoulder.

  14. Aw, Poor Koira. Mondays are bogus anyway. Better luck tomorrow!

  15. OMD - you are certainly taking your day in better stride than I would have. That looks like a pretty nasty bite. :( I hope Koira's lip and leg are both healing by this time...

    (Sorry about your car, too.)

  16. Aww, sorry about your day. Hopefully Koira's lips and bite marks get better and your shoulder, too.

    Here's to a better rest of the week :)

  17. Poor Koira! That looks itchy and awful! When Koly had an allergic reaction to a bug bite, our vet suggested putting papaya, pineapple or banana on it. Apparently the enzymes take some of that itchy "sting" away. It worked pretty well with him. Feel better Koira!