Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Me On Monday, and a Giveaway!

I'm going to try out the Meet Me on Monday questions for the first time. Technically it is still Sunday where I am, but I guess that doesn't matter too much.

Before I get to the questions though, I need to announce my giveaway! Right now, this blog has hit 51 followers, and I promised something special when we passed the 50 mark.

The something special is a leather collar, such as was featured on the blog a few weeks ago. Because I know readers have dogs of all different sizes and will have different needs and wants in a collar, I will make it only after talking to the winner about what you want!

To enter, leave a comment on any post starting now and ending on Friday the 20th. To win, you must be a follower of the blog. You can enter multiple times by commenting on different posts, but only one comment per post will be counted as an entry.

Now, on to the Meet Me Monday questions:

1. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
I prefer crunchy, and generally only eat peanut butter with celery, or on a toasted bread with marionberry jam.

2. What is your favorite color Rose?
I love the deep reddish-orange roses the most, but don't know the name. They have a deep orange at the base of the petals and are tipped with red.

3. Do you remove your shoes when you walk into your home?
Yes, but not always right away. I also have slip on shoes sitting right by the door for the times when I take my shoes off in a different room and can't find them fast enough.

4. What is your favorite season?
Late spring in Oregon. We still have plenty of rainy days but are starting to get some of the brilliant sun shine and hot weather, coupled together with the garden sprouting, fresh greens, and flowers everywhere.

5. Approximately how many hours a day do you spend blogging?
Writing blogs, probably only about 3 hours per week at a maximum most of the time. If you count in reading blogs, taking pictures for the blog, editing pictures for the blog, and arguing with my very frustrating internet, it would be much, much more than that.

Thanks for stopping by, reading my answers, and hopefully I'll see your comments for the giveaway!


  1. Since I do have a bit of a collar obsession, I simply MUST comment on this post to enter!:) What is this Meet Me on Monday?

  2. Spring is my favourite time of year :)

  3. How could you not love this time of year - everything is so green and beautiful - spring is my favorite too.

  4. Skye heard me say "new collar" and has since been staring at me with an odd sort of intensity. I think it means she wants to enter the contest! Thanks!

  5. I've seen the roses you mention but I don't know what they're called either.

    Marionberry sounds awesome - I've never heard of it!

  6. Those collars for Koira and Pallo are lovely! I've never heard of the Meet Me On Monday link list, but I feel you on the last question: reading blogs, taking photos and shouting at the internet takes a whole lot of time up!

  7. It's so true what you say about opening yourself to becoming partly a dog. My cat Avalon has turned me partly into a cat and I'm glad he did ;-) I've added you to my list of blogs I follow. Have a lucky week!

  8. I'm a long-time follower, but never participated in Meet Me Monday.
    Here we go...
    1. Favorite peanut butter is either smooth of crunchy, but my true favorite is the smooth, freshly ground almond butter from Whole Foods.

    2. Favorite color rose is red.

    3. Yes, i remove my shoes and Bocci gets his paws wiped before we enter our home-we try!

    4. My favorite season is summer-the warmth, the beauty, the freedom, the endless possiblities when the sun is shining.

    5. We spend somewhere between 3 and eight or so hours blogging a day-some of this of course, is outreach and marketing, but it is endless!

    Thanks so much for doing this hop-great idea!

    Bocci, Bella, and their Parental Unit, Joan

  9. P.S. if you're not already a Follower and have not given a "like" to our new Facebook page, we'd love it if you'd stop by, Bocci's Beefs:-)

    And we'd be homnored to be on your blogroll-we're off to put you on ours!

  10. What a great way to learn more about each other. And those are different questions. I am so glad I stopped by to visit today.

    Puppy Kisses,

  11. I love Spring, too!

    And it has to be smooth peanut butter all the way! lol

  12. YAY for smooth PB! And I prefer Summer to any other season. Spring and Fall are nice, but during winter I feel like I should hibernate. Icky, icky cold...


  13. Oh my, the thoughts of a new collar have my boy drooling! Thanks so much for the chance, I am also following.