Friday, April 8, 2011


Pallo and I are winners!

Back at the end of February, I entered this picture of Pallo in Fido's City Guide's February Pet Photo Contest.

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Thanks to a total of 25 votes (mostly through my great friends and family, who I bugged with Facebook), the picture was the winner of the month!

Evanger's ( is the company sponsoring the contest. Just this week, I received my box of prizes from them. I was told the prize would be dog food. It was so much more.

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Sure, I got a bag of dog food. The package also included cans of dog and cat food, four types of dog treats, a bird food supplement, a 2011 calendar, and a number of coupons.

Since I don't have a bird, the bird supplements will be headed to our local humane society as a donation, along with a couple of the types of canned food that I don't care to feed myself, but which the dogs there will be very happy to get. The treats will be greatly enjoyed by my crew, and the kibble we will save and use as treats as well.

Pallo is a great fan of Evanger's treats.

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When I drug all our prizes outside for some good sunlight pictures, Koira decided it was the perfect opportunity for some sun bathing.

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And I couldn't resist taking a picture of the budding leaves on my blueberry bushes. I put the bushes in last year in the spring, and they produced a few berries for me. I'm hoping for a bigger crop this year.

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  1. Congratulations on winning the photo contest, although I'm not surprised, Pallo is so cute:)

    What a thrill to get a big parcel full of unexpected delights! Sounds like
    it's going to benefit more than just your kids. Good idea to spread it around, well done:)