Friday, April 1, 2011

Canada, here we come

Looks like Pallo has a team to run with in Canada at the end of April. I'm really looking forward to this, since we had to miss the team trip up there last weekend. It was surprisingly hard for me to hear about all the fun times they had up there. They did great, and I'm happy for the team, but wish I could've gone along, and been a part of the whole thing.

But, we will be going up there with part of our team at the end of April, so hopefully we will have some fun times, and get a flyball fix that lasts until the local tournament in July. I'd still love to go to the two June tournaments in Alaska, but that is a goal that will likely have to wait for another year.

Flyball practice last night went pretty good. Pallo practiced with a box jump in, and his turn has gotten really high on the box again. I think we will continue to run with the prop for another few weeks, or start doing one run with, one without, to encourage him to keep his turn high.

We were going to try wall work at practice with him, but he gets so excited when we get there, I don't think it will work if there are any other dogs in the building working on the box. He just gets so amped up and confused.

He managed to reaffirm my statement that he can not run start. Part of this is because I find it rather cruel to have the height dog running start most of the time (with some exceptions) because of the possibility of reruns. Height dogs are already doing enough for the team without having to potentially run 2-3 times as many times as the other dogs due to reruns.

My other reason is Pallo specific. He likes to watch the other dogs, both on his team and the other team. As long as at least one dog is on the course or has just done the course when he is released, he runs great. In start though, he veers to the other lane badly, or just looks confused. I think I will work with him on this when we get the chance, but because of Reason One that I don't like height dogs running in start, we probably won't focus on it for long.

Koira did pretty good. She did a few full runs, and a number of partial runs, but was dropping her ball a lot, and back to not making much of an effort to catch it-- like, just not bothering to close her mouth around it even. Previously when she had this issue, the chiropractor had to do a major adjust on her upper neck and jaw, which helped fix the issue. Since the Chiro is only the next town over for the weekend, we will probably head over there on Sunday morning before I head to work to get her adjusted.

I work starting super early tomorrow morning, so may not make it to the blog hop if I sleep in. If I don't please stop by and visit, and I will make sure to do some blog hopping when I get the chance this next week. And, everyone have a good Blog Hop.


  1. Hi Crystal: You guys have won a prize at the All Things Dog Blog: Our drawings are done weekly from comments at our posts, and today's your lucky day. Check out the link to see what you won and be sure to send your address.

  2. Hi fellow Oregonian Doggies!! That sounds like a fun sport. Anything that gets you outside with your people is a good thing :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. It'd be so fun to have gone to Canada! Maybe next time. :)

    Oregon.. I'm trying to talk my husband into finding a job in Oregon when he finishes school in a year. :)