Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lure coursing and Canada

First off, I managed to talk a friend into video taping my dogs at lure coursing practice this past weekend. And, reliable friend that she is, she uploaded the videos to youtube for me, enabling me to share them here.

Pallo lure coursing:

Koira lure coursing:

The loud clicking noise is the lure machine, as the person filming was standing right next to it. And, of course, the dogs are going so fast its hard to get a good video. This course was a straight 100 yards. The other practice area is large enough to do a slightly longer course and zig-zags, which I think I will try my dogs on next time we practice down there.

On a different note, I am getting my packing list together for the weekend doing flyball in Canada. Passport for me and rabies certificates for the dogs are at the top of the list, since I figure I can replace anything else if I really need it, but not those.

The longer I stare at the list, the longer it gets. I'll have to do some interesting packing to get it all in the car in a way that fits me, both dogs comfortably, and my rideshare person who is coming along most of the way (company, and help paying gas, basically a win win situation). Its my first time doing a ride share for a long trip like this, so hopefully it goes well.

I'm getting really excited for a weekend of flyball fun. I hope there is a photographer there, since I have almost no good pictures of Pallo or me doing flyball. Then again, it is an indoor location, which is great for most things, but tends to make pictures less than stellar.

In any case, I'm super excited, and I bet Pallo would be too if he knew what was going on. Koira will hopefully get a chance to practice on Saturday after racing is over. Here's hoping for good, clean, fast runs.


  1. Lol, didn't your guys have a blast:) If you get a chance to have a go on the zig zag course you'll enjoy watching them go on that!

    Love the new header photo:)

    Good luck for the weekend. I'm sure you'll think of everything and it sounds like you've got the essentials covered:)

  2. Good luck at the tournament! Hope you have clean/fast runs!

  3. Sounds like fun! Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend with lots of good runs.

  4. Lure coursing looks like fun, nice to find another blog with flyball in it.

    Good luck at the weekend with the flyball :-)

  5. Good luck up in Canada. It sounds like a blast.