Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WW: Mugs

I have two awesome insulated mugs, and I so, so love them.

This is our flyball team logo for my new team

This decal is the logo for a tournament I went to in December, and I love it.


  1. The logo your flyball team chose is awesome! So I've always wondered about Flyball -- it's supposed to be so much fun. Do certain breeds excel? Or is it one of the sports all breeds excel at?

    1. You see a lot of border collies, a lot of jack russells, etc. But there are a lot of mixed breeds (some deliberate sport mixes, like border whippets or border jacks, some just your normal shelter mutt kind of mix) as well as pretty much every breed out there. We have a great dane in our region, as well as a podengo, so that shows you it is pretty diverse. And jump heights are set by the shortest dog on the team, so every team needs dogs of various sizes.