Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Selfie

Last week, I posted a selfie of me with Koira while looking at Christmas trees back in December. Here is the one I got of me and Ptera that same day.

Christmas Trees-1813
It helps that she looks at the camera when she hears the lens focusing.

My smile is kind of strange I think, but it was the one where Ptera looked the cutest, so I had to share it.

This is part of my effort to make sure I am getting in the picture with my dogs. I ask people to take pictures of me with them when I have the chance, but I realized I am missing out on having pictures of me with them whenever we are out and about by ourselves, so I wanted to make an effort to change that.


  1. I think dog selfies are my favorite kind, and I'm glad to see you partaking. :) This one in particular is adorable!

  2. I really need to take more pictures of me with the dogs. I have almost none! This one is so cute.